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On this site you'll find detailed timelines, details of key medieval episodes, biographies of medieval people, photographs of medieval places, maps and 3D CGI reconstructions of ruined castles and abbeys. What makes this site different, is that each related event, person and place is linked to produce a web of information. This site is generally about British Medieval History but the site is constantly being updated and I hope to cover other areas.


The timelines provide lists of events covering the medieval period from 800AD to 1499AD. Although the timelines only show a brief one-line description of each event, you can click the events to get more detailed information. Timelines are also arranged by category such as military events, or architectural events.


What I call 'Episodes' are sections of History that consist of a series of linked events and people. You will find that many history books devote chapters in a similar way. Each Episode consists of an overview, a list of events and a list of the people involved.


Here you will find an A to Z list of some of the important Medieval people, detailed information about the Kings of England, and information on the Rulers of Scotland. Each person has their own expandable timeline, family tree and links to related people and places.

Maps and Places

The maps show the location of over 500 Medieval places in England, Scotland and Wales. Each point on the maps links to either detailed information on this site, or to MultiMap.com to show its exact location. Also available here is an A to Z list of places with photographs, timelines and information about each place.

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Thank you very much for visiting TimeRef.com. It's taken a long time to put together and it's all been done in my spare time. If you are a student I hope you find the site useful for your studies and I hope it will give you an interest in Medieval history that you will can revisit later in life.

My job is programming computers but my hobby is medieval history. This website grew up as I learnt more about the people, places and events that took place in the medieval period. The website is far from complete so please visit again in the future to see more details and functionality.

I apologise for any mistakes that I have made on the pages of this site and am happy to receive notifications of errors that you may find. I am also happy to accept any donations of information. Many thanks to Peter Potter and Dorothy Davies for their donations.

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3D Reconstructions

If you are using Edge, Chrome or Firefox browsers please take time to explore a virtual motte and bailey castle. There are two versions available, a simplified version for slower computers and a more detailed version for faster computers.

(see 3D reconstructions page for more information)