Key Dates in Medieval History from 1200 to 1299

Dates Kings and Queens of England and France Famous People Great Events, Sea Fights and Land Battles Principal Building
1200 John - Phillip Augustus     Ely Galilee, 1198-1215
Peterborough, west front, 1201-14
1203     Death of Arthur  
1204     Loss of Normandy Beaulieu Abbey
1207   Stephen Langton, Archbishop   Wells Trancepts and Nave, 1206
1211     John excommunicated  
1215     Magna Carta and Civil War  
1216 Henry III, m. Eleanor of Provence William Pembroke, Earl Marshal    
1217     Sea fight off Sandwich Wells, west front 1218-39
1219   Hubert de Burgh    
1220       Beverley Choir, 1220-25
Salisbury, 1220-66
1221     Dominicans (Black Friars) come to England Lincoln Chapter-house, 1220-35
1223 Louis VIII (France)      
1224     Franciscans (Grey Friars) come to England  
1226 Louis IX (France)      
1235       Ely Presbytery, 1235-51
1242     Expedition to and loss of Poitou  
1244     Loss of Jerusalem  
1245       Westminster Abbey, 1245-69
1248     Crusade of St. Louis, 1248-54  
1258   Simon de Montfort Barons' War, 1258-67  
1264     Battle of Lewes Start of Collegiate System, Merton College Oxford
1265     Battle of Evesham  
1270 Philip III (France)   Crusade of Edward and St. Louis  
1272 Edward I, m. Eleanor of Castile      
1275   Llewelyn of Wales First Statute of Westminster  
1276     Conquest of Wales, 1276-82  
1280       Rochester Cathedral, South Trancept and Nave
1290     Death of Eleanor  
1294   William Wallace    
1295     Model Parliament  
1297     Battle of Stirling Bridge  
1298     Battle of Falkirk  

3D Reconstructions

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