Key Dates in Medieval History from 1300 to 1399

Dates Kings and Queens of England and France Famous People Great Events, Sea Fights and Land Battles Principal Building
1300 Edward I. and Philip IV.   Start of Scottish border wars Exeter Choir, 1292-1307
1305     Wallace captured and executed  
1306     Robert Bruce crowned  
1307 Edward II m. Isabella of France   Knights Templars arrested Exeter Nave, 1308-50
1310   Piers Gaveston   Wincelsea Church, 1310
1311     Lords Ordainers  
1314 Louis X   Battle of Bannockburn  
1315     Famine  
1316 Philip V Hugh de Despenser Lancaster, rise of Despensers  
1322 Charles IV   Battle of Boroughbridge
Thomas of Lancaster executed
1325     Isabella gains French help  
1327 Edward III m. Philippa of Hainault      
1328 Philip VI (France)      
1328       York Minster West window
1333     Battle of Hallidon Hill  
1334       Salisbury Cathedral spire
1337     Start of Hundred Years War  
1340     Battle of Sluys  
1342       Queens college, Oxford
1346     Battles at Crecy and Neville's Cross  
1347     Calais captured by the English  
1348     Black Death reached England  
1350 John the Good (France)      
1351     Statute of Labourers  
1356     Battle of Poitiers  
1360   Geoffrey Chaucer, 1340-1400    
1364 Charles V, France John of Gaunt    
1367   William of Wykeham    
1376   Death of Black Prince    
1377 Richard II, m. (1) Anne of Bohemia, (2) Isabella of France      
1378       Canterbury Nave and transepts, 1378-1400
1381     Peasant's Revolt  
1386       Bodiam Castle
1399 Henry IV, m. (1) Mary Bohun, (2) Joanna of Navarre   Richard abdicates  

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