Key Dates in Medieval History from 1400 to 1499

Dates Kings and Queens of England and France Famous People Great Events, Sea Fights and Land Battles Principal Building
1400 Henry IV. and Charles VI (France).   Glendower Rebellion  
1401   Henry Percy 'Hotspur' Persecution of the Lollards  
1402     Battle of Homildon Hill  
1403     Revolt of the Percies
Battle of Shrewsbury
1412   Joan of Arc, 1412-1431    
1413 Henry V m. Catherine of France      
1414     Lollards arrested  
1415     War with France
Siege of Harfleur
Battle of Agincourt
1420     Treaty of Troyes  
1422 Henry VI m. Margaret of Anjou
Charles VII (France)
1445     Truce with France  
1455     War of the Roses 1455-87
First Battle of St. Albans
1460     Battle of Northampton
Battle of Wakefield
1461 Edward IV m. Elizabeth Woodville
Louis XI (France)
Warwick, the Kingmaker Battle of Mortimer's Cross
Second battle of St. Albans
Battle of Towton
1464     Battle of Hedgeley Moor
Battle of Hexham
1471     Battle of Barnet
Battle of Tewkesbury
1477     Caxton prints first book in England St. George's Chapel Windsor
1483 Edward V
Richard III m. Anne Neville
Charles VIII (France)
  Princes murdered in the Tower  
1485 Henry VII m. Elizabeth of York   Battle of Bosworth  
1492     Columbus discovers America  

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