Jul  -  Edward becomes king 
Edward, the eldest son of Edgar, became the king of the English at the age of fourteen when his father died. Dunstan became his guardian.


Events occurring at some time during this year 
Dunstan survives 
The collapse of a building at Calne caused the deaths and injuries of many of the senior witan of England who were on the first floor. Archbishop Dunstan survived as he remained standing on a beam.

Mar  -  Aethelred becomes king 
Aethelred became king after the assassination of Edward the Martyr.

Mar 18  -  Murder of Edward the Martyr 
Edward, the King of the English was assassinated under orders from his step-mother, who wanted her son Aethelred to become king.


Events occurring at some time during this year 
First Viking attacks 
Episode: Viking Invasions
With Aethelred on the throne for a short time and possibly showing some weakness in his ability to rule the Vikings started their attacks. Concentrating on the south coast the raids were limited and the affect to the country as a whole was small.


Events occurring at some time during this year 
Vikings colonise Greenland 
Episode: Viking Invasions
Vikings from Iceland discovered the island and called it Greenland.

London ravaged by fire 
A large part of London, including the King's palace, were destroyed by fire.


Events occurring at some time during this year 
Monastery at Worcester 
Oswald founded a Benedictine monastery at Worcester dedicated to St. Mary the Virgin. Oswald became bishop of Worcester upon the recommendation of Dunstan.


Jul 3  -  Hugh Capet becomes King of France 
Hugh Capet, elected by his peers became King of France, and was crowned at Noyon.

Winter  -  Severe frosts 
A severe frost hit England that lasted for 120 days. The weather turned so cold that the Thames froze over.


Events occurring at some time during this year 
Athelgar becomes Archbishop of Canterbury 
Athelgar became the Archbishop of Canterbury after the death of Dunstan.

Battle at Wachet 
Episode: Viking Invasions
In Somerset Viking raiders attacked and burnt the village at Wachet. Streonwold, the local English leader, called for help from the surrounding population and a battle was fought. The Vikings won the battle and Streonwold was killed.

Swein becomes King of Denmark 
Swein Fork-Beard overthrew this father King Harold Blue-Tooth Gormsson, King of Denmark.


Events occurring at some time during this year 
Sigeric Serio becomes Archbishop of Canterbury 
Sigeric Serio becomes Archbishop of Canterbury.


Events occurring at some time during this year 
Vikings attack the wealthy south-east 
Episode: Viking Invasions
Under the leadership of Olaf Trygvasson the Vikings attacked the wealthy south-east coast of England and took as much riches as they could carry.

Battle of Malden 
Episode: Viking Invasions
The raiding Vikings attacked the Ipswich area of England before sailing into the Blackwater river estuary near Malden. The English were waiting for them and trapped the Vikings in rising tidal waters. The English fought bravely and a poem was written about their exploits but in the end the Vikings were victorious and the English were defeated.

Vikings paid to leave England with land tax 
Episode: Viking Invasions
Aethelred was advised by Archbishop Sigeric to talk to Olaf and arrange a truce rather than trying to defeat the Vikings in battle. The Vikings accepted a large payoff and left. The sum of money was around 10,000 pounds and was raised by collecting and land tax known as Danegeld.


Events occurring at some time during this year 
Battle of Conquereuil 
Fulk Nerra defeated the count of Brittany at the battle of Conquereuil.

Ships gather in London 
Episode: Viking Invasions
King Aethelred decreed that all sea-worthy ships should gather in London and then put to sea and destroy the Viking army. But alderman Aelfric sent word to the Danes the night before the attack of the King's plan which allowed them to escape. Aelfric then fled.


Events occurring at some time during this year 
Swein Fork-Beard invades Britain 
Episode: Viking Invasions
Swein Fork-Beard had overthrone this father King Harold Blue-Tooth Gormsson, King of Denmark in 988. With a huge fleet of 94 ships he arrived in the Thames estuary with Olaf Trygvasson by his side. London put up a good defence and drove the Vikings back so Fork-Beard moved his forces again to attack the south-east coast to plunder what he could find.

Winter  -  Trygvasson converted to Christianity 
Episode: Viking Invasions
Through the Winter months Aethelred provided the Vikings with lodgings and £16,000 in cash to stop the raids on his land. Aethelred was also the sponsor at the baptism of Olaf Trygvasson. Olaf was given instruction from the Bishop of Winchester.


Events occurring at some time during this year 
Aelfric becomes Archbishop of Canterbury 
Aelfric becomes Archbishop of Canterbury.

Olaf Tryggvason becomes King of Norway 
Olaf was in England when he was approached by a messanger from Norway asking him to return amd overthrow Earl Hakon who was ruling the country as a tyrannt. Olaf returned and joined the rebels against the Earl who had gone into hiding. Hakon was killed and Olaf became King of Norway.

Constantine III becomes King of Scotland 
Kenneth II of Scotland was murdered by Fenella in revenge for the death of her son.


Aug  -  Capet Dies and Robert II becomes King of France 
Hugh Capet, King of France died of smallpox.


Events occurring at some time during this year 
Peasant's Revolt in Normandy 
The peasants in Normandy rose up against their masters including the Count of Evreux, the uncle of Richard II, the Duke of Normandy. The revolt failed when the leaders were captured and executed.


Events occurring at some time during this year 
Durham Cathedral consecrated 
Episode: Viking Invasions
Bishop Aldhun, the first Bishop of Durham, consecrated a cathedral at the location where the remains of St. Cuthbert had been relocated to. The remains were at Lindisfarne and were moved because of the danger of Viking raids.

Sylvester II was elected Pope  (More...)