Aug  -  Katla Volcano Eruption 
Eruption of the large Icelandic volcano.



Nov  -  Throckmorton Plot 
Francis Throckmorton was found guilty of carrying messages with details of an assassination attempt to murder Queen Elizabeth, an invasion by Spain and the freeing of Mary Stuart from captivity. Along with the Earl of Northumberland, Throckmorton was put in the Tower of London before being executed for treason. Before his death, Throckmorton revealed that Queen Mary knew about the plot.



Jun  -  Bond of Association 
In response to the assassination threat to Queen Elizabeth an agreement signed by her supporters was devised. Those who signed agreed to prevent those who plotted against the Queen to succeed to the throne if the assassination was successful. They also agreed to prosecute anyone who would benefit whether they were involved in the assassination or not. The third agreement promised to case down and kill those who carried out the assassination attempt. This move was hoped to make supporters of Mary Stuart directly or indirectly taking part in any more plots against the Queen.

Nov  -  Bond amended by the Queen 
Queen Elizabeth amended the terms of the Bond of Association as Parliament tried to make the statute law. The Queen had the statute amended because she was unhappy about the clause that would have resulted in people being punished for the actions of others.


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Jan  -  Parry Plot 
A plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth was uncovered. The person accused and found guilty was Dr. Parry, a supporter of Mary Stuart, the Queen of Scots. It was found that he had been assisted by Thomas Morgan, Mary Stuart's assistant who was looking after her affairs in Paris. Parry was executed for treason but no other action was taken.



Apr 25  -  Birth of Oliver Cromwell 
Oliver Cromwell was born on the 24/25 of April 1599. His father was Robert Cromwell and was descended from Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex, who was executed for treason by Henry VIII.