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Carisbrooke Castle given to de Redvers
Construction of Carew Castle
Theodoric became the Antipope
Jul 13 Abbey Church at Gloucester dedicated
Jul 18 Godfrey of Bouillon dies
Aug William buried at Winchester
Qtr 3 Anselm recalled from exile
Aug 2 William II (Rufus) is killed while hunting

The reign of Henry (I, King of England 1100-1135)

Origins ...

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Aug 5 Henry I succeeds
Nov 11 Henry I marries Matilda of Scotland
Dec 25 Baldwin I becomes king of Jerusalem


Arundel Castle siege
Roger Bigod granted lands at Framlingham
Albert elected Antipope
Feb Robert attempts to take the Crown
Apr 2 Henry I appoints Roger, a Norman Monk, as Chancellor
Jul The Treaty of Alton


Earl Robert of Belleme
Henry captures castle at Bridgnorth
Siege of Tripoli


Henry let off paying Robert of Normandy
Crops do badly
Conflicts between Church and State
Construction of Toron Castle
Construction of a castle at Mount Pilgrim
Aug 10 Strong winds damage crops


Port of Acre captured by the Crusaders
Nicholas I becomes King of Denmark


Henry attacks his brother
Sylvester IV becomes the Antipope
Jul Henry and Anselm reach an agreement


A comet passes by
Construction of Kidwelly Castle
Jan Venice hit by a series of disasters
Sep 28 Henry attacks his brother again
Oct 17 St. Etheldreda's Day


FitzHamon dies
Construction of Llandaff Cathedral
Alexander I becomes King of the Scots
Jan 8 Alexander I becomes king of the Scots


Louis VI becomes King of France
Winchester Cathedral tower
Southwell Cathedral nave
Death of Gundulf


Church at Ely becomes seat of bishop
Abduction of Princess Nest
Apr 21 Archbishop Anselm dies
Jul 12 Fall of Tripoli


Construction of Aberystwyth Castle
Windsor Castle becomes a royal residence
Birth of Geoffrey Plantagenet
Haughmond Abbey Founded
Krak des Chevaliers


Severe winter
Founding of Neath Abbey


Construction of new cathedral at Exeter
Mar Bernard of Clairvaux reaches Citeaux


Knights Hospitallers Recognised
Jun Worcester Cathedral and Castle damaged by fire


Count of Champagne travels to the Holy Land
Chichester Cathedral fire
Jan Matilda marries an Emperor
Oct 10 Tide fails on theThames
Nov Earthquake


Count of Champagne donates land to St. Bernard
Clairvaux Abbey founded
Nave of Rochester Cathedral
St. Albans consecrated


Fire destroys Peterborough Abbey
Welsh attack Norman castles


Peterborough Cathedral choir and transept
Berkeley castle construction


Baldwin II becomes King of Jerusalem
Gregory VIII becomes the Antipope
Gelasius II becomes Pope
Apr 14 Baldwin II crowned
May 1 Queen Matilda dies


Knights Templar in Jerusalem
Knights Templar order founded in Jerusalem
Hughes de Payen: Master of the Temple
William Adelin marries Matilda
Roger de Newburgh 2nd Earl of Warwick
Calixtus II becomes Pope
Jun Field of Blood


Worcester Cathedral Chapter-house
Norwich castle keep
Dedication of Llandaff Cathedral
Kenilworth Castle constructed
Construction of Sherborne Castle
Nov William Adelin is drowned


Norwich Cathedral nave and tower
Reading Abbey founded
Jan 24 Henry I marries Adeliza
Jan 30 Coronation of Adeliza of Louvain


Kenilworth Abbey Founded
Gloucester fire
Aug Venetians besiege Corfu


Foundation of Inchcolm Abbey
Apr Baldwin II is captured
May Egyptian navy destroyed off Ascalon
Oct 23 Tewkesbury Abbey consecrated


Unity of Scotland restored under David I
Louis prevents war
Furness Abbey founded
Agreement with Venice
Celestine II is elected Antipope
Honorius II becomes Pope
Feb Siege of Tyre


Hugh of Champagne joins the Templars


Hughes de Payen travels West
Construction of Rochester Castle
Shrewsbury Castle granted to Adeliza
Henry of Blois at Glastonbury
Dec Henry holds a council at Woodstock


Charter for Glastonbury fair
Marriage agreement
Jan Barons swear allegiance to Matilda
Mar 2 Murder of the Count of Flanders
Qtr 4 Templars are donated land near Troyes


Hughes de Payen visits Scotland and England
Templar Church in London
First Cistercian Abbey in Britain
The nave at Durham is vaulted
Lichfield regains Bishop's seat
Construction of new church at Dunfermline Abbey
Jan Council of Troyes takes place
Apr Hugh de Payen visits Fulk of Anjou
May 22 Matilda marries Geoffrey Plantagenet


Arundel Castle building work
Fulk V marries Melisende
Apr 14 Coronation of Philip of France


Fire at Rochester
Canterbury choir dedication
Anacletus II becomes the Antipope
Innocent II becomes Pope
Dec Henry spends Christmas at Woodstock


Knights Templars in Spain
Rievaulx Abbey founded
Gilbertines founded
Basingwerk Abbey founded
Fulk V becomes King of Jerusalem


Winter Monks visit Ripon


Foundation of Garendon Abbey
Durham Cathedral Chapter house
Combermere Abbey founded
Augustinians at Portchester
Mar 25 Future king Henry II is born
Aug 2 Eclipse
Aug 4 Earthquake


Death of Robert Curthose
Fountains Abbey Founded
Calder Abbey first founded
Erik II Emune becomes King of Denmark


Buildwas Abbey founded
Fire at St. Paul's Cathedral
Dec 1 Henry I dies

The reign of Stephen (of Blois, king of England 1135-1154)

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Dec 22 Stephen succeeds Henry I
Dec 26 Coronation of Stephen of Blois


Hughes de Payen dies
Baldwin de Redvers flees to Carisbrooke
Castle at Banbury is built
Buckfast Abbey founded
Forde Abbey founded
London Bridge damaged by fire
Construction of a castle at Scarborough
King Stephen captures Bampton
Battle of Crug Mawr
Jan A fire at St. Paul's
Feb Treaty of Durham
Carlisle Castle under Scottish control
Mar 22 Coronation of Matilda of Boulogne
Easter Stephen and the Court at Oxford
Stephen at Hereford


York Minster damaged by fire
Bath Abbey fire
Apr Stephen goes to Normandy
Aug 1 Death of Louis VI
Dec 25 Louis VII becomes King of France


Cressing Temple Site
Theobald becomes Archbishop
Foundation of Bordesley Abbey
Start of Civil War
Arundel Castle siege
Exeter castle building work
Calder Abbey attacked by the Scots
Shrewsbury Castle captured by Stephen
Dudley castle attacked by Stephen
Ludlow castle siege
Gilbert de Clare becomes Earl of Pembroke
Victor IV becomes the Antipope
Jan The Scots invade Northumbria
Feb Stephen marches north
May Robert sides with Matilda
Qtr 2 The Scots invade Northumberland
Aug 22 Battle of 'the Standard'


Papal Bull by Pope Innocent II
Wallingford Castle siege
Kingswood Abbey founded
Kirkstead Abbey founded
Corfe Castle siege
Leeds Castle siege
Jun Roger, Bishop of Salisbury is arrested
Sep 30 Matilda arrives in England


Abbey Church of St Denis construction begun
Foundation of Augustinian canons at Bristol
Building of original Bristol church
Castle at Sherriff Hutton
Coggeshall Abbey founded
Construction of Framlingham Castle
Whitland Abbey foundation
Construction of Hedingham Castle
Castle Rising Construction
Woodstock held by Matilda
Mar 20 Eclipse
Dec Stephen besieges Lincoln


Lincoln Cathedral damaged by fire
Winchester Castle burns down
Feb 2 Battle of Lincoln
Apr Matilda is elected Queen
Jun Matilda enters London
Sep 14 Rout of Winchester
Nov Exchange of King Stephen and Gloucester
Dec 25 Stephen's second coronation


Calder Abbey founded
Dundrennan Abbey founded
Mandeville and Matilda
Cistercians in Ireland
Hospitallers granted Krak de Chevaliers
Sep Henry (II) land in England
Oct Oxford siege and Matilda's escape


Whitland Abbey founded
Revesby Abbey founded
Boxley Abbey founded
Celestine II becomes Pope
Baldwin III becomes king of Jerusalem
Sep Mandeville is arrested


Construction of Faringdon Castle
Lucius II becomes Pope
Jan Geoffrey Plantagenet captures Normandy
Dec 24 Capture of Edessa


Stephen takes Farringdon Castle
Woburn Abbey founded
Jervaulx Abbey founded
Construction of Brightwell Castle
Eugenius III becomes Pope
Halley's Comet
Dec 1 First formal Bull of crusade


Knights Templars adopt cross pattee
Llansteffan Castle captured
Mar 1 Pope reissues Papal Bull for a Crusade
Mar 31 Sermon at Vézelay
Dec 25 Diet of Spires
Christmas Stephen's Crown Wearing


Pevensey Castle siege
Foundation of Biddlesden Abbey
Henry arrives in England
Bruern Abbey founded
The Savigny order joins the Cistercians
Dore Abbey founded
Kirkstall Abbey founded
Capture of Marrakesh
May The start of the Second Crusade
Jun Louis VII joins the Crusade
Oct 31 Robert, Earl of Gloucester dies


Consecration at Bristol
Lilleshall Abbey Founded
Feb Matilda leaves England
Jun 24 Damascus attacked
Sep Conrad III leaves the Holy Land


Mar Henry (II) lands in England
May 22 Henry (II) knighted by David


Fountains Abbey cloisters rebuilt
Rochester Cathedral West Front
Combe Abbey founded
Kinloss Abbey founded
Worcester siege
Katla Volcano Eruption
Jan Henry becomes Duke of Normandy


War in Normandy
Foundation of Flaxley Abbey
Sep Geoffrey, Count of Anjou, dies


William Marshal as hostage
Death of Ranulf, Earl of Chester
Newbury Castle Siege
Henry captures Malmesbury
Baldwin III demands self rule
Mar 11 Divorce of Louis VII and Eleanor
Apr 6 Theobald refuses to crown Eustace
May Henry marries Eleanor
Qtr 3 Henry defends his position


Reading Castle destroyed
Richard de Lucy becomes Constable of the Tower
Nottingham Castle attacked
Anastasius IV becomes Pope
Jan Henry invades England
Jun Malcolm IV becomes King of the Scots
Jun Henry lays siege to Tutbury Castle
Aug 17 Stephen's son Eustace dies
Aug 20 Death of Bernard of Clairvaux
Nov 6 Treaty of Wallingford


Berkeley Castle changes hands
Chapter House at Bristol
Ripon Cathedral rebuilt
Last entry in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles
Adrian IV becomes Pope
Jan Meeting at Oxford
Spring Henry returns to Normandy
Oct 25 Stephen dies
Dec Henry II succeeds Stephen
Dec 8 Henry lands in England

The reign of Henry (II, King of England 1154-1189)

Duke of Normandy ...

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Dec 19 Henry crowned at Westminster Abbey
Christmas Henry II at Bermondsey Abbey


Knights Templar build Temple in Fleet Street
Plan for the conquest of Ireland approved
Henry takes Scarborough Castle and Bridgnorth
Peterborough Cathedral Nave
Bridgnorth castle surrendered to Henry
Farnham Castle demolished
Feb 28 Henry the Young King is born
Spring Repairs to Westminster Palace
Christmas Henry II at Westminster Palace


Henry captures Anjou
Kremlin built at Moscow
Christmas Henry II at Bordeaux


Malcolm IV surrenders land to Henry
Basingwerk Castle is built
Devizes Castle passed to the Crown
Construction of Harbottle Castle
Wark Castle refortified
Sep 9 Richard (I) born at Oxford
Christmas Henry II at Lincoln


Knights Templars present in Italy
Dieulacres Abbey founded
Cardiff Castle attack
Spring Henry visits Wulfstan's Shrine
Aug Henry II proposes a marriage
Sep 23 Birth of Geoffrey Plantagenet
Christmas Henry II at Cherbourg


Jun 24 Henry II moves on Toulouse
Sep Alexander III becomes Pope
Sep Victor IV becomes the Antipope
Oct Henry II in Normandy
Dec Louis signs a peace treaty
Christmas Henry II at Failaise


Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France
Oct Henry pays homage
Christmas Henry II at Le Mans


Knights Templars move London Temple
Coupar Angus Abbey founded
Apr 18 Death of Theobald of Bec


Eleanor gives birth in Rouen
Feb 10 Death of Baldwin III
Jun 3 Thomas Becket becomes Archbishop of Canterbury


Notre Dame in Paris
Trial by combat
Henry invades south Wales
Jan Henry II returns to England
Jul Council at Woodstock
Oct Henry II puts plans of reform to Council of Westminster
Oct 13 Edward the Confessor moved


Templars attempt a reconciliation
An Airburst Meteor?
Foundation of Strata Florida Abbey
Paschall III becomes the Antipope
Construction of the Great Tower at Bamburgh
Jan 30 Constitutions of Clarendon
Jan 30 William of Paitin dies
Apr 19 Reading Abbey consecrated
Oct 6 Council of Northampton
Nov 2 Becket flees to France


Eleanor moves back to Aquitaine
Hugh Bigod buys back Framlingham
Aug 21 Birth of Philip Augustus
Dec William I 'the Lion' becomes king of the Scots


Building of Orford Castle
Assize of Clarendon
Building work at Bridgnorth Castle
Becket excommunicates his enemies
Dermot exiled from Ireland


Construction of Wallingford Castle
University of Paris ban
Aug Dermot returns to Ireland
Sep 10 Death of Matilda
Dec 24 John, the future king of England is born


Reconstruction of Dover Castle
Calixtus III becomes the Antipope


Betrothal of Richard and Alice
Welsh American Indians
Jan 6 Becket submits to Henry
May Dermot retakes Leinster


The Galilee porch at Durham is built
Construction of Middleham Castle
Fire damages Norwich Cathedral
Kingswood Abbey Founded
May Raymond de Gros lands in Ireland
Jun 14 Henry II coronation of Prince Henry
Jun 29 Huge Eastern Mediterranean Earthquake
Jul 22 Becket and Henry at Freteval
Aug Ireland attacked by Earl of Pembroke
Sep 21 Dublin Captured by the Normans
Winter The Earl at Dublin
Dec 1 Thomas Becket returns to England
Dec 25 Becket excommunicates his enemies
Dec 29 Thomas Becket is murdered


Bindon Abbey founded
Construction of Bowes Castle
York Minster construction work
Cardiganshire granted to Lord Rhys
Jan 1 Henry II told of the murder of Becket
Spring Death of Dermot, King of Leinster
Jul Henry plans invasion of Ireland
Aug 6 Henry II returns to England
Aug 8 Henry of Blois, Bishop of Winchester, dies
Oct 17 Henry lands at Waterford in Ireland


Henry II and Lord Rhys meet
Apr 17 Henry returns to England
May 21 Compromise of Avranches
Jun Richard become Duke of Aquitaine
Aug 28 The Young King is crowned


Baronial rebellion
Henry called as arbitrator
Wallingford Castle repairs
Remodelling of Windsor Castle
Henry takes control of Kenilworth
Feb 21 Becket canonised


Canterbury Cathedral fire
Construction of Bolebec Castle
William of Scotland held prisoner
May Richard (I) seizes the town of Saintes from his father, Henry II
Jun 13 The Battle of Alnwick
Jul 7 Whipping of Henry II
Aug Siege of Rouen
Oct 11 Henry II reaches a peace agreement
Nov 4 An aurora is seen across Europe
Dec 8 William I of Scotland signs Treaty of Falaise


Canterbury Choir building work
Murder of Sitsyllt ap Dwfnwal
Aug Joan travels to Sicily
Oct 6 Treaty of Windsor


Croxden Abbey founded
Construction work at Arundel
Cwmhir Abbey is founded
Peveril Castle Keep
Work begins on new London Bridge
Assize of Northampton
Summer Death of Strongbow in Ireland


Henry as arbitrator
Byland Abbey founded
Henry II refounds Amesbury Abbey
Construction of Carrickfergus Castle
Katla Volcano Eruption
Feb The conquest of Ulidia (Ulster)
Feb 13 Joan becomes the Queen of Sicily
May Council at Oxford
Jun Courcy becomes lord of Ulidia


Richard (I) takes the impenetrable fortress town of Taillebourg.
Canterbury Trinity Chapel and corona building work
Rochester fire
Innocent III becomes the Antipope
Nov 1 Philip II of France crowned


Wells Cathedral building begins
Kenilworth Castle keep
Construction of Conisbrough Castle
Jun 28 Treaty of Gisors
Sep 18 Philippe Augustus takes the French throne


Assize of Arms
Sep Lucius III becomes Pope


Kenilworth Castle becomes the King's property
Abergavenny Castle attacked
Dingstow Castle
Dedication of Notre Dame Cathedral


Jun The Young King dies


May Fire destroys Glastonbury Abbey


Lincoln Cathedral damaged
Earthquake in Sicily
Apr John is knighted
Apr John in Ireland
May 1 Eclipse
Jul Treaty of Boves
Nov Urban III becomes Pope


Aberconwy Abbey founded
Cleeve Abbey planned
Jul Geoffrey, son of Henry II dies in a tournament


Henry signs a peace treaty
Crusade sermon at Llandaff Cathedral
Another fire at Chichester Cathedral
Jul 4 Army of Jerusalem defeated
Sep Saladin captures Acre
Oct Gregory VIII was Pope from October to December
Oct 2 Jerusalem falls to the Muslims
Oct 20 Pope Urban dies
Nov Richard takes the Cross. The Crusade
Dec Clement III becomes Pope


Cutting of the Elm
Jan The 'Saladin Tithe'
Mar 27 Barbarossa takes the Cross
Summer War breaks out


Building work commences at the Tower
John marries Isabella
Teutonic Knights established
William Marshal and Chepstow Castle
First Lord Mayor of London
Jan Richard joins Philippe
May Frederick Barbarossa's Crusade begins
Jul 6 Henry II Dies
Aug 3 Richard returns to England
Aug 29 John marries

The reign of Richard (I, King of England 1189-1199)

Early Years ...

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Sep 3 Richard I Crowned King
Dec William of Scotland gives Richard 10,000 marks


Construction on Skenfrith Castle
Kidwelly Castle rebuilt
London adopts the St. George Cross flag
Foundation of the Teutontic Knights
Feb Treaty of Adrianople
Mar Massacre of Jews at York
Jun 24 Richard at Tours
Jul 3 Meeting at Vézelay
Jul 4 Richard's Crusade starts
Sep Messina
Oct Richard captured Messina
Christmas Crusaders in Sicily


Foundation of Glenluce Abbey
John opposes William Longchamp
King Arthur found at Glastonbury
Celestine III becomes Pope
Mar 30 Philippe leaves Sicily
Apr 10 Richard's fleet leave Sicily
Apr 20 Philippe Augustus arrives in Acre
May 6 Richard sails to Cyprus.
May 11 Meeting in Limassol
May 12 Richard marries Berengaria
Jun 1 Richard controls Cyprus
Jun 6 Richard arrives at Tyre and attacks Acre
Jun 23 Eclipse
Jul Richard takes Acre
Oct 6 Tower of London siege


Rebuilding of Lincoln Cathedral
Lincoln Cathedral choir
Llansteffan Castle rebuilt
Apr 28 Conrad is assassinated
Jun Richard captures a Moslem caravan
Jul Attack on Jaffa
Sep 2 Peace with Saladin
Oct 9 Richard I leaves the Holy Land
Dec Richard shipwrecked on the way home


Hubert Walter becomes Archbishop of Canterbury
Saladin dies
West Front of Peterborough Cathedral
Feb Richard captured by the Emperor of Germany


Plans to move Old Sarum cathedral
Siege of Nottingham Castle
Mar Richard returns to England
Apr 17 The 'Crown Wearing'
May Richard leaves England
Jul 3 Richard defeats Philippe


Alteration to the West End


Arthur proclaimed Duke of Brittany
Assize of Measures


Great Council refuse Richard's request
Building work at Notre Dame


Cleeve Abbey colonised
Cymer Abbey founded
Innocent III becomes Pope


Feb Teutonic Knights
Mar Siege at the castle of Chalus, and Richard dies
Apr 25 John is crowned Duke of Normandy
May Important Appointments

The reign of John (King of England 1199-1216)

John Lackland ...

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May 27 John is crowned King of England
Jun 20 King John leaves England

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