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Rochester Cathedral Presbytery and Choir
Lincoln Cathedral Great transept
Fire destroys the cathedral at Rouen
John divorces Isabella of Gloucester
Jan 2 Annular Eclipse of the moon
May 22 Philippe and John sign a treaty
Aug 24 John marries Isabella of Angouleme
Sep 8 John and Isabella are crowned
Nov 22 William does homage to John


Banbury Castle strengthened
Dunkeswell Abbey founded
Valle Crucis Abbey founded
Kidwelly Castle captured by the Normans
Hubert de Burgh granted castles
May John sails to Normandy
Jun Philippe entertains John in Paris
Jun Storms do much damage


The Fourth Crusade
Winchester Cathedral Retrochoir and Lady Chapel
Worcester Cathedral fire
Spring Philippe sides with the Lusignans
Apr 28 John fails to attend a summons to Philippe's court
Jul Arthur knighted
Aug 1 Battle of Mirabeau


Beaulieu Abbey founded
Apr 3 Arthur is murdered


Goodrich given to William Marshal
William Marshall captures Cilgerran
Dublin Castle construction started
Spring Peace negotiations with France
Apr 1 Death of Eleanor of Aquitaine
Jun Normandy is taken by Philippe


William de Braose granted lands
Jan River Thames freezes
Feb Philippe plans invasion
Jun John prepares invasion
Summer More castles fall to the French
Jul 13 Hubert Walter dies
Dec John forces election of De Gray


Jun John defends Aquitaine
Oct 26 Philippe and John reach a truce
Dec The Pope chooses Stephen Langton for Canterbury


Stephen Langton becomes Archbishop of Canterbury
Earl of Leicester loses land
Odiham Castle built
Marshall inherits the lands of Leinster in Ireland
Aberystwyth Castle demolished
John introduces the first income tax
Aug The Pope threatens an Interdict
Oct Birth of Henry III
Christmas John at Worcester


West front of Notre Dame
Peter of Castelnau is murdered
John demands hostages
Mar 24 Interdict served by the Pope


Langton lands at Dover
Cambridge University founded
Jul 22 Albigensians massacred
Aug John prepares to invade Scotland
Nov John excommunicated by the Pope


Kenilworth Castle defences improved
Fountains Abbey rebuilding work
Haverfordwest Castle hosts King John
Katla Volcano Eruption
Jun 10 John lands in Ireland
Jul King John captures Carrickfergus Castle
Nov 1 Arrest of Wealthy Jews


Barbican built at Bridgnorth Castle
Rheims Cathedral destroyed by fire
Summer Excommunication served
Jul Peace with Wales


John extorts money from the barons
William gives son as hostage
A Great fire of London
Straw roofs to be replaced by tiles
Children's Crusade
Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa
Nov John accepts Pope's demands


Mar John prepares against invasion
Spring French plan invasion
May King John's first act of submission
May 30 French fleet defeated
Jul 20 Excommunication lifted
Sep 26 Pope's envoy arrives in England
Oct 3 Second act of submission
Nov John meets the Barons


Foundation of Deer Abbey
Dieulacres Abbey moved
Feb 1 Peter Des Roches becomes Justiciar
Feb 2 John sails for France
Jun 29 Interdict lifted
Jul 27 Battle of Bouvines
Oct 15 John returns from France
Nov 20 Charter of Liberties
Dec 4 William the Lyon of Scotland dies
Dec 5 Alexander II became King of the Scots


Colchester Castle occupied by the French
Wallingford Castle fortified
Llewellyn captures Abervagenny Castle
Llewellyn captures Cilgerran Castle
Kidwelly captured by the Welsh
Jan John meets the Barons in London
Mar 4 John takes oath for Crusade
Apr 1 Pope sides with John
May 17 London falls to the Rebels
May 27 A truce is sought
Jun 15 John's Great Charter (the Magna Carta)
Aug 24 The Magna Carta is annulled
Sep 13 King John appeals to the Pope
Oct Baron's war


Beaudesert castle inner bailey
Honorius III becomes Pope
Berkhamsted Castle is captured by the French
Jan King John attacks Berwick
Feb King John puts down revolt
Feb Small French fleet land in London
May 18 A storm hits John's fleet
May 21 Prince Louis of France claims English Throne
Jun Prince Louis advances across England
Jul 18 Honorius III elected as the new Pope
Sep William of Cassingham
Oct Death of King John
Oct King John buried at Worcester
Oct 19 King John dies

The reign of Henry (III, King of England 1216-1272)

Too young to rule ...

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Oct 28 King Henry III Crowned
Nov Llywelyn divides Wales
Nov 12 Revision to the Magna Carta


Portchester castle captured
Foundation of Culross Abbey
Apr Siege of Mountsorrel Castle
May 20 Battle of Lincoln
Aug 24 Battle off Sandwich
Sep 12 Treaty of Kingston


Construction of Castle Pelerin
Treaty of Worcester


The Fifth Crusade (1219-21)
William Marshal dies
Foundation of Deer Abbey


Salisbury Cathedral rebuilding started
Work on the Lady Chapel of Salisbury Cathedral
Chapter-house of Lincoln Cathedral
Grosmont Castle building work
Lady Chapel at Oxford
Henry III's improvements at the Tower
Llywelyn raids Pembrokeshire
Tower Collapse at St. David's
Construction of Beverley Minster
May Coronation of Henry III
Jul 7 Stephen Langton returns to England


Hubert de Burgh
Joan marries Alexander II
Construction of Castell-y-Bere


William the younger retakes his castles
Haley's Comet


Louis VIII becomes King of France
Cilgerran Castle recaptured
Earls deprived of their castles
Fire at Pershore Abbey
Hubert de Burgh builds a mansion


London Fog
Qtr 1 Henry reclaims castles
Jun Bedford Castle siege


Beeston Castle construction
Salisbury Choir


York Minster South Transept
Grace Dieu Abbey founded
Lady Chapel at Hereford
Louis IX becomes King of France
Blance of Castile rules France


Balmerino Abbey founded
Gregory IX becomes Pope


The Sixth Crusade (1228-9)
Stephen Langton dies
Henry III visits Woodstock.
Montgomery Castle


Wells Cathedral West Front Started
Wells Cathedral West Front
Rievaulx Abbey rebuilding work


Tattershall Castle construction
Qtr 1 Hubert de Burgh in Wales
Aug 13 Simon de Montfort takes possession of his land


Henry III removes Hubert de Burgh
Peter des Rievaulx becomes treasurer
Oaks given to Gloucester
Lacock Abbey founded


Earl of Pembroke's revolt
Qtr 1 Baronian rebellion
Nov Rout of Henry's army


Henry III at Woodstock
Leopards at the Tower


Canterbury Cloister building work
The Pope condemns links to the Assassins
Wisbech Castle damaged by storm
Jan 4 King Henry marries Eleanor of Provence
Jan 20 Coronation of Eleanor of Provance


Beeston Castle claimed by Henry
Transepts and Nave of Salisbury Cathedral
Lincoln tower collapses


Jan Simon marries Henry's sister


Theobald of Champagne's Crusade
Wells Cathedral dedication of church
Jun Edward (I) is born


North Transept of Rochester Cathedral
Building work at St. Paul's complete
Chapter-house as Lichfield


Henry entertains at Woodstock
Mar 24 Krakow falls to the Mongol army
Oct Celestine IV becomes Pope


Henry's finances are criticised
Henry tries to retake Poitou
Chapel of the Nine Altars
York Minster North Transept
Oct Earl Richard's vow


Innocent IV becomes Pope
Spring Simon de Montfort gets custody of Kenilworth castle


Bishop of Bath and Wells
Aug Jerusalem falls.


Carpini, the Christian envoy, travels to the Mongol Empire
Rebuilding of Westminster Abbey
Carlisle Cathedral building work
Bigods take Chepstow Castle
Katla Volcano Eruption


Hailes Abbey begun
Peter de Savoy granted Pevensey Castle
Beaulieu Abbey dedicated


Henry receives a relic


The Seventh Crusade (1248-54)
Bath Lady Chapel
Blance of Castile rules France


Construction of Rye Castle
Jul 8 Alexander II of Scotland dies
Jul 9 Alexander III became King of the Scots


Qtr 4 Earthquake shakes St. Albans Abbey


Nov 5 Dedication of Hailes Abbey
Dec 26 Margaret marries Alexander III


Shrine to St. Ethelreda installed at Ely


Edmund Crouchback and Sicily


Edward marries
Henry gives Edward his own lands
Alexander IV becomes Pope


Abundant Harvest
Angel Choir at Lincoln
Llywelyn rules North Wales
Oct Edward and Eleanor return to England


Harvest lost
Sep The Welsh invade the coastal plains


Henry and Edward reclaim the Lost Territories
Floods and famine
Building work at St. Albans


The West Front of Salisbury Cathedral
Exeter rebuilding work
Barons confront Henry
Qtr 1 The year starts badly
Mar Llywelyn becomes 'Prince of Wales'
Apr Henry asks for money
Apr 12 Henry is opposed by the Barons
May 11 Treaty of Corbeil
Jun Provisions of Oxford
Jun Odiham and Kenilworth handed over to the King
Oct 5 The death of Philippe III


Oct 13 Provisions of Westminster
Dec 4 Treaty of Paris


Tenby Castle attacked


Urban IV become Pope
Qtr 1 Absolved from the Provisions of Oxford
May Henry back in control
May 25 Death of Pope Alexander IV
Aug 16 Henry appoints new ministers


Katla Volcano Eruption


Edward joins Simon de Montfort
Edward raids the Temple in London
Salisbury Cathedral Cloisters
First Oxford University college founded
Feb Edward returns to England
Jun Simon's forces do much damage
Oct 1 The Battle of Largs


Pevensey Castle siege
Army at Barham Down
Possible comet sighting
Siege of Rochester Castle
Beeston Castle occupied
Tutbury Castle attacked
Jan 23 The Mise of Amiens
Apr Northampton captured by the King
Apr Warwick castle attacked and destoyed
May Henry's war with the Barons
May 14 Battle of Lewes
Jun Haco of Norway attacks Scotland
Jun Simon summons Parliament
Summer Edward moved to Kenilworth


Work begins on the Lady Chapel at Chester.
Hawaden Castle attacked by the Welsh
Clement IV becomes Pope
Jan 20 Ordinary people's Parliament
Feb The Barons split
May 28 Edward escapes
Summer Armies march
Aug 1 Younger Simon attacked at Kenilworth
Aug 4 Battle of Evesham
Sep 16 Peace with the Barons


Alexander III acquires the Hebrides
Jul 2 Treaty of Perth
Oct Mise of Kenilworth


Treaty of Shrewsbury


Caerphilly Castle construction
Jun Edward take the cross


Magnetism Experiments
Eleanor of Provance and London Bridge
Oct 13 Edward the Confessor moved
Oct 13 Westminster Abbey consecrated


Tintern Abbey begun
Caerphilly Castle attacked
Jul Prince Edward leaves for the Holy Land
Jul 20 The Eighth Crusade
Sep 14 Relic given to Hailes Abbey


Marco Polo leaves Venice at the age of eighteen
Edward's Crusade
Gregory X becomes Pope
Mar 3 Krak de Chevaliers siege
May Edward reaches Acre


Peterborough Cathedral's Lady Chapel
Nov 16 Henry III dies

The reign of Edward (I, King of England 1272-1307)

Edward I is also known as Longshanks or Hammer of the Scots. He was the eldest son of Henry III the King of England and was born in June of 1239. Henry III had a long reign and this meant that Edward was in his thirties before he became king himself. In 1254 at the age of fifteen Edward was married to Eleanor of Castile. Eleanor was the thirteen year old half-sister of Alfonso, the King of Castile, and the marriage was designed to help protect the lands of Gascony which England still owned. Edward was awarded the lands of Gascony through the marriage and took over from Simon de Montfort whose improper running of the area had led to revolt. Henry III was eager to provide Edward with more experience of ruling and in the same year granted him lands in Wales, Ireland and the Channel Islands. Edward and Eleanor were married in Castile and returned to England in October of 1255. ...

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Nov 23 Edward chosen as King


Foundation of Sweetheart Abbey
Feb Edward visits the Pope


Vale Royal Abbey founded
Investigation into land ownership
May Little battle of Chalons
Jul 11 Birth of Robert the Bruce
Aug 2 Edward arrives home
Aug 19 Edward I crowned at Westminster


Chapter-house at Salisbury
Revolt of Llywelyn of Wales
Major rebuilding work at the Tower of London
Jews forbidden to lend money
Death of Margaret
Earthquake destroys Tor church
May Statute of Westminster


Edward's war with the Welsh begins
Jan Innocent V was Pope between January and July
Jul Adrian V was Pope bewteen July and August
Sep John XXI becomes Pope in September


Construction of Builth Castle
Aberystwyth Castle rebuilt
Nicholas III becomes Pope
Dafydd granted Ruthin Castle
Jun Feudal levies
Jul Construction of Flint Castle begun
Jul Edward reaches Worcester
Aug Reconstruction of Rhuddlan Castle begun
Aug 13 Vale Royal Abbey foundation stone laid
Nov 10 Edward defeats Llywelyn


Buckland Abbey founded
Many Jews executed
Easter King Arthur's remains reburied
Oct 13 Llywelyn marries Eleanor


Nov Statute of Mortmain


South Transept at Rochester


Beauchamp Tower at Tower of London built
Martin IV becomes Pope


Construction of Denbigh Castle
Aberystwyth Castle damaged
Five arches of London Bridge collapse
Lordship Marcher of Dyffryn Clwyd
Mar Hawarden Castle captured by the Welsh
Easter Another Welsh Uprising
Aug Feudal levy gather at Rhuddlan
Nov 6 English defeated
Dec 11 Llywelyn killed


Construction of Conway Castle begun
Construction of Caernarvon Castle
Jan Dolwyddelan Castle captured
Mar Castle Criccieth captured
Apr Birth of Margaret, Maid of Norway
May Harlech Castle begun
Jun David of Wales captured
Oct 3 Dafydd ap Gruffydd is executed


'Round Table' event in Nefyn
Rebuilding work at Aberystwyth
First college at Cambridge University founded
Mar Statute of Wales/Rhuddlan
Apr 25 Edward (II) is born


Honorius IV becomes Pope
Oct 14 Alexander III remarries


Edward and Gascony
York Minster Chapter-house
Edward and Eleanor go to France
Mar 19 Alexander III of Scotland dies


Feb A great storm hits the south coast


Lucia arrives in Tripoli


Philippe obtained the area of Quercy
Norwich Cathedral Chapter-house
Aug Edward returns to England


Quia Emptores
Jul 18 Treaty of Brigham
Sep Margaret, 'Maid of Norway' dies on voyage
Nov 28 Eleanor of Castile dies
Dec The 'Eleanor Crosses'


Beaugency is bought by Philippe
York Minster Nave and West Front
Licence to crenelate at Stokesay
Fall of Acre
May 10 Edward I meets Scottish Claimants


English and Norman sailor fight
Carlisle Cathedral damaged by fire
Rebuilding work at Carlisle Cathedral
Rebuilding work at Exeter Cathedral
Nov 17 John Balliol chosen by Edward I as Scottish King
Nov 30 John Balliol become King of the Scots


Wells Cathedral chapter House begun
Philippe obtains Maguellone and Montpellier


Edward Balliol asks for resources
Outrage at Philippe's actions
Commercial treaty with Portugal
Boniface VIII becomes Pope
Celestine V was Pope between July and December
Denbigh attacked by the Welsh
May Philippe IV confiscates Gascony
Qtr 3 Caernarfon Castle attacked
Oct 30 A Welsh rebellion


Southwell Cathedral Chapter-house
Jan Edward besieged at Conway
Apr Beaumaris Castle begun
Apr Edward occupies Anglesey
Oct Treaty Auld Alliance
Nov The first Model Parliament


Edward captures Urquhart Castle
Apr Balliol: Renounces homage to England
Apr 27 Battle of Dunbar
Summer Philippe IV threatens Edward
Jul Balliol: Surrenders at Stracathro, Edward takes the Stone of Scone
Aug The First Interregnum


Norwich Cathedral cloisters
Jan Marriage proposal
Feb Edward is deserted by the Barons
Apr 14 Edward appeals for support
Jul Confederacy formed and destroyed
Aug Confirmation of the Charters
Aug Edward sails for Flanders
Aug Louis IX is canonised
Sep 11 Battle at Stirling Bridge
Winter Edward accepts Truce


May Edward at York
Jul 22 Battle of Falkirk


Mar Edward evades Parliament
Sep Edward marries

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