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May Edward starts another Scottish campaign
Jul Caerlaverock Castle siege
Aug The Pope Intervenes
Oct 30 Truce with the Scots


Halley's Comet
Feb Edward (II) invested as Prince of Wales
May 20 Treaty finally signed
Summer Edward advances into Scotland


Spring Treaty is signed


Treaty of Paris
Baltic Sea Freezes over
Benedict XI becomes Pope
Feb 24 Battle of Roslin
Spring John Comyn is appointed regent
May Edward's last campaign in Scotland
Edward takes Urquhart Castle
Jun Edward I reaches Perth
Oct 11 Death of Boniface VIII
Dec Edward stays at Dunfermline Abbey


Canterbury Screen of choir and chapter house building work
Spring Edward besieges Stirling Castle
Jul Stirling Castle surrenders


William Wallace captured
'Captivity of the Popes'
Clement V becomes Pope
Aug Wallace executed


Philippe confiscates Italian bankers' goods
Lady Chapel at Bristol Abbey
Central Tower at Lincoln Cathedral
Feb 10 John Comyn murdered by Robert Bruce
Mar 25 Robert Bruce is crowned Robert I of Scotland


Philippe adds Bigorre to his territories
May 10 Battle of Loudoun Hill
Jul 7 Death of Edward I

The reign of Edward (II, King of England 1307-1327)

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Jul 8 Edward II becomes king
Oct 13 Knights Templar are arrested
Oct 28 Edward I buried at Westminster Abbey


Bruce takes Urquhart Castle
Rebuilding work at Exeter Cathedral
Lady Chapel built at St. Albans
Jan 25 Edward marries
Feb 25 Edward's Coronation
Apr Parliament angry with the King
May 9 Thomas Earl of Lancaster
Jun 25 Gaveston banished


Robert Bruce recognised as King
Clement V moves Papacy to Avignon
Jul Parliament agrees to Gaveston's return
Oct Great Council at York


Wells Cathedral Lady Chapel
Mar Appointment of the Lords Ordainers
Sep Edward campaigns in Scotland


Bruce attacks the north
Lancaster's marriage provides more power
Jan Katla Volcano Eruption
Qtr 1 The rise of Thomas Earl of Lancaster
Qtr 1 Lancaster pays homage
Jul Edward returns to England
Aug Ordinances
Sep 27 Ordinances Proclaimed
Nov 3 Gaveston leaves the country
Christmas Edward and Gaveston at Windsor


Qtr 1 Edward looks to Scotland for help
May 4 Edward and Gaveston flee
May 19 Gaveston surrenders
Jun 19 Gaveston executed
Nov Future Edward III is born


Montagne and Tournai fall to Philippe
The Scots regain ground
Construction of Dunstanburgh Castle
Jun Stirling Castle Siege
Dec 23 Edward prepares for invasion


Bruce orders destruction of castles
Old St. Paul's Cathedral completed
Lady Chapel built at Reading
Mar 18 Jacques de Molay and Geoffroi de Charney burnt at the stake.
Apr 20 Pope Clement V dies
Jun 17 Edward leaves Berwick
Jun 24 Battle of Bannockburn
Sep Edward loses power to Lancaster
Nov 29 Philippe IV, the Fair dies, and is succeeded by Louis X
Dec Gaveston buried


Wells Cathedral Central Tower
A year of flood, famine and disease
Lancaster in power
Edward Bruce invades Ireland
Aug Birth of John of Eltham


Philippe V becomes King of France
More famines and floods.
John XXII becomes Pope
Nov 15 Birth of John I King of France
Nov 20 Death of King John of France


Aug Hugh Despenser is made Chamberlain
Aug 9 Treaty of Leake
Oct Battle of Faughart


Jun Edward marches to free Berwick
Sep 20 Battle of Myton


Lady Chapel at Lichfield
Apr Declaration of Arbroath


Lady Chapel construction at Ely
Qtr 1 Despenser and the Marcher Lords
May 24 Meeting at Pontefract
Jul Parliament at Westminster
Aug The Despensers are banished
Oct Siege of Leeds Castle


Collapse of central tower at Ely Cathedral
Jan The Despensers return
Jan 3 Charles IV becomes King of France
Qtr 1 Edward attacks the Marcher Lords
Mar 16 Battle of Boroughbridge
Mar 22 Lancaster Executed
May Parliament at York
Jul The Scots invade
Aug Edward advances into Scotland
Oct Edward almost captured


Sections of St. Alban collapses
Mar Peace negotiations
May Treaty signed
Autumn Mortimer escapes from the Tower


Extensive repairs to Bath Abbey
Mar 5 David (II) born


Peterborough's Central Tower

Episode: Isabella, She-Wolf of France and death of Edward II

Timeline of episode: Isabella, She-Wolf of France and death of Edward II

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Mar Isabella leaves for France
Sep Prince Edward in France
Sep 21 Prince Edward is captured
Nov Edward commands Isabella to return


Oriel College Oxford founded
Clare College Cambridge founded
Threat of invasion
Spring Marriage arranged between Edward and Philippa
Sep 24 Isabella and Mortimer land to take the throne
Oct Prince Edward is declared Keeper of the Realm
Nov Edward captured

The reign of Edward (III, King of England 1327-1377)

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Jan 25 Edward III becomes King of England
Apr Edward II is imprisoned
Sep Edward II murdered at Berkeley Castle


Nicholas V becomes the Antipope
Jan 24 Edward III marries
Feb 1 Charles IV of France Dies, followed by Philippe VI
May Treaty of Northampton
Summer David (II) marries Joan


Construction work at Wells
Apr Philippe summons Edward
Jun Edward agrees to do homage to Philippe
Jun 7 David II becomes king of Scotland


York Minster West Window
Sherborne Castle is given to the Earl of Salisbury
Mar Execution of Edmund, Earl of Kent
Mar 4 Coronation of Philippa of Hainault
Jun 15 Edward (the Black Prince) is born
Oct 19 Arrest of Mortimer
Nov 29 Execution of Roger Mortimer


Apr 4 Meeting between Edward III and Philippe VI
Nov 24 David II is crowned


Jun 16 Isabella born
Aug 12 Battle of Dupplin Moor
Sep 24 Balliol crowned king of Scotland
Dec Balliol overthrown


Mar 18 Earl of Chester
Jun Isle of Man comes under English control
Jul 19 Battle of Halidon Hill
Jul 20 Berwick surrenders to the English


The spire of Salisbury Cathedral
Benedict XII becomes Pope
Construction of the Ely Lantern
Jun England takes control of parts of Scotland


Qtr 2 Edward attacks the Scots


Bampton Castle rebuilding work
Aug 12 Exports of Wool Stopped


1st Duke of Cornwall
Qtr 2 Cardinals sent to Europe
Jun A comet is seen over France
Aug Edward rescues Stirling Castle
Aug 14 Robert III is born at Scone
Oct Start of the Hundred Years' War


Wells Cathedral scissor arches
Construction of Ford Castle
Qtr 1 French attack English ports
Apr A comet seen in Europe
Jul Edward invades France
Oct French attacks continue on the south coast
Nov 29 Lionel born to Queen Philippa


Mar 12 French attack Jersey
Mar 23 French plan invasion
Jul French attack Dover
Sep Edward in Northern France


Universal Crop Failure
Queen's College Oxford founded.
Building work at Windsor Castle
Jan 25 Edward declares himself King
Mar 29 Edward raises taxes
Jun 24 Battle of Sluys
Jul Siege of Tournai
Sep 25 Treaty of Esplechin
Oct 30 Battle of the Salado River
Nov Edward dismisses his Chancellor


Spring Edward raises funds
Jun David II returns to Scotland
Jul Edward goes north


Clement VI becomes Pope
Jan Truce agreed with David II
Oct Edward and Brittany
Dec Siege of Vannes


Rochester Cathedral Tower
Jan Treaty of Malstroit
May 12 The Black Prince becomes Prince of Wales


Construction of Chillingham Castle
Island of Madeira discovered
Jan 19 First Round Table at Windsor


Maxstoke Castle licence to crenellate
Jan 1 Edward III orders an invasion fleet
Jul 5 Edward departs from Southampton
Jul 12 Edward III lands in Normandy
Jul 17 Devastation of Normandy
Aug Edward III crosses the Seine
Aug 26 Battle of Crecy
Sep 4 Siege of Calais
Oct 17 Scots defeated at Neville's Cross


The Black Death
Aug Calais captured by the English
Sep Edward accepts truce


Founding of the Order of the Garter
Construction of Maxstoke Castle
Water gate built at Tower of London
Apr 23 Creation of the Order of the Garter
May The Plague reaches Paris
Jun The Plague reaches England


Meaux Abbey hit by epidemic
Summer The Plague is at its peak
Qtr 3 Spanish fleet sail up English Channel


John II becomes King of France
Aug Edward III attacks the Spanish fleet


Statute of Labourers
Statutes of Provisors
Henry of Gosmont becomes Duke of Lancaster
Eastminster Abbey founded


Corpus Christi College founded
Innocent VI becomes Pope


Statute of Staples


Bishops of Salisbury regains Sherborne Castle
Carisbrooke Castle passes to Isabel
Jan 7 Birth of Thomas of Woodstock
Oct Edward III travels to Calais
Oct The Black Prince starts his chevauchée


Jan Edward Balliol gives up Scottish throne
Sep 17 English and French armies meet
Sep 18 Papal mission
Sep 19 Battle of Poitiers
Oct King John at St. Albans


Katla Volcano Eruption
Mar Truce with France
Apr John brought to England
Oct 3 Treaty of Berwick


Apr 23 A Splendid Tournament at Windsor
Aug 23 Death of Queen Isabella


Winchester Cathedral West Front
May Treaty of Bretigny
Oct Treaty agreed


Another outbreak of the plague
John of Gaunt owns Kenilworth
New choir built at York
Oct Marriage of the Black Prince and Joan of Kent


John becomes Duke of Lancaster
Urban V becomes Pope
Westminster Abbey Nave
Jan Hurricane damages spire at Norwich
Jul The Black Prince is given Gascony


Construction of the Chantry Chapel at Canterbury
Canterbury Black Prince chantry in crypt built
Carlisle Cathedral work on the choir


Charles V becomes King of France


Wells Cathedral South-west Tower


Oct Wykeham becomes Bishop


Mar Henry (IV) future king of England in born
Apr Wykeham becomes Chancellor
Apr 3 Battle of Nájera in Spain


Again England is hit by the plague
Beaudesert Castle passes to Warwick
Jun 3 Edward III restates claim for French throne
Jul John of Gaunt in northern France
Aug Queen Philippa dies


Gregory XI becomes Pope
Aug The French reclaim Limoges
Sep 18 Limoges falls to the Black Prince


Wykeham asks for war supplies
Feb David II dies and is succeeded by Robert II
Mar 27 Robert II is crowned at Scone


Canterbury Crypt Lady Chapel building work


Nunney Castle construction begins


A Tomb for John of Gaunt


Simon Sudbury becomes Archbishop of Canterbury
Worcester Cathedral major building work
Galilee porch as Peterborough
Construction of Bolton Castle


Jun Death of the Black Prince


Building work at Gloucester Cathedral
Carisbrooke defended against the French
Construction of Farleigh Hungerford Castle
Clement VII becomes the Antipope
Gregory XI becomes Pope
French attacks on the south coast of England
Feb Wycliffe tried for heresy
Jun 21 Edward III Dies

The reign of Richard (II, King of England 1377-1399)

Richard became King of England in 1377 when his grandfather, Edward III, died. Richard's father, the Black Prince, had died in 1376 and this had left Richard heir to the English throne. As he was only 10 years old at the time and too young to rule unaided his eldest uncle, John of Gaunt, became protector of both England and Richard. After his father's death Richard had been brought up by his mother Joan. Joan had previously been married to the Earl of Kent and had other sons by this marriage as well. ...

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Jun 23 Richard II becomes king
Jul 16 Richard II is crowned


Canterbury Cathedral rebuilding work
Urban VI becomes Pope
A small Scottish army captures Berwick Castle
Murder at Westminster Abbey
Feb Wycliffe again tried for heresy
Oct Parliament at Gloucester
Nov Halley's Comet


New College Oxford founded
Canterbury Nave and South Transept
Canterbury Cloisters


Richard takes control
Construction of Wressle Castle
Death of Charles V and accession of Charles VI
More French attacks


Construction of Raby Castle
May Start of the Peasant's Revolt
Jun 7 Peasant's Revolt reaches Maidstone
Jun 10 William Courtenay becomes Archbishop of Canterbury
Jun 10 Peasant's Revolt reaches Canterbury
Jun 11 Rebels move towards London
Jun 12 Rebels reach London
Jun 13 Rebels enter London
Jun 14 Richard meets the rebels
Jun 15 Watt Tyler killed
Jun 16 Rebellion elsewhere
Jun 17 Rebellion again


Founding of Winchester College
A new castle at Sherriff Hutton is begun
Jan 14 King Richard marries Anne of Bohemia
May 21 Earthquake


Chapel on London Bridge
Apr Criticism of Richard
Dec 31 Death of John Wycliffe


Licence granted to crenellate at Donnington
Richard leads army to North
Richard make his uncles Dukes
Qtr 2 French prepare for invasion


Licence granted to crenellate at Bodiam
Richard makes de Vere more powerful
Spring Gaunt and the Castilian throne
Summer French fleet mass at Sluys
Summer Commission appointed
Jul 8 John of Gaunt leaves Plymouth


The Canterbury Tales
Apr Future Henry V born
Dec Invasion threat from France
Dec 19 Battle of Radcot Bridge


Boniface IX becomes Pope
May Richard II declared his intention to rule freely


Construction of Lumley Castle
Apr 19 Robert III becomes King of the Scots
Apr 23 A joust on London Bridge


Manuel II becomes the Byzantine Emperor


Construction of Wardour Castle


Winchester Cathedral rebuilding work
Queen Anne dies
Winchester College opens
Benedict XIII becomes the Antipope


Guy's Tower completed at Warwick Castle
A tomb for Richard II and Anne


Oct 31 Richard II marries Isabella of Valois


Wilton Diptych painted
Thomas Arundel exiled


Urquhart Castle becomes the King's property
Sep 16 Bolingbroke exiled


Treasure found at Beeston Castle
Feb Death of John of Gaunt
Mar Bolingbroke's land confiscated
Summer Richard goes to Ireland
Jul Bolingbroke returns to England
Aug Richard is captured
Sep Bolingbroke accepted by Parliament

The reign of Henry (IV, King of England 1399-1413)

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Oct 13 Henry IV becomes king
Oct 15 A new Prince of Wales

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