The Second Crusade


1144 Dec 24 Capture of Edessa
   The county of Edessa, a Crusader state, was captured by Zengi, ruler of Mosul. This triggered the Second Crusade in 1148.
1145 Dec 1 First formal Bull of crusade
   First formal Papal Bull of Crusade ('Bulla cruciata' - calling on France to restore the Holy Land to Christendom) issued by Eugenius III, together with 'Quantum praedecessors' (reissued 1.3.1146).
1146 Mar 1 Pope reissues Papal Bull for a Crusade
   Pope Eugenius III reissued an amended Bull (a formal proclamation issued by the pope) proclaiming the Second Crusade.
Mar 31 Sermon at Vézelay
   St. Bernard's sermon at Vézelay so moved Eleanor of Aquitaine that she vowed to go on Crusade.
Dec 25 Diet of Spires
   Diet of Spires; the emperor Conrad III took the cross and secured the election of his son Henry as his successor in Germany.
1147 May - 1148 The start of the Second Crusade
   The crusaders left Regensburg to march across land to Constantinople.
Jun Louis VII joins the Crusade
   Declaring Abbot Suger regent of France, Louis VII and Eleanor began their Crusade.
1148 Jun 24 Damascus attacked
   The decision was made to attack Damascus. The armies were assembled in Acre. Present were Baldwin, the Patriarch Fulcher, Kings Louis and Conrad, Archbishops of Caesarea and Nazareth, Masters of the Knights Temple and Hospital.
Sep Conrad III leaves the Holy Land
   Hostilities between the French and German leaders of the Second Crusade became such a problem that the German Emperor, Conrad III, abandoned the crusade and returned to Constantinople. The Second Crusade ended in failure.

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