Fox and Geese


Playing as the geese: Your objective is not to be caught by the fox and to try and prevent the fox from being able to move. To move the geese position the mouse cursor over a goose (white circle) you want to move. You will see several arrows showing directions in which the goose can move. Click the arrow to move in the required direction. Remember geese can only move forwards or sideways and not backwards.

Playing as the Fox: Your objective is to eat enough geese to prevent them from surrounding you. To capture a goose the jump over the goose to a free space. The fox cannot jump over a goose if the space on the other side is occupied. Once a goose is captured and removed from the board it cannot be replaced. In this version of the game it is not possible to jump several geese in the one move. As with the geese, to move the fox position the mouse cursor over the fox (blue circle) and click the arrow pointing in the direction you want to move. Only valid directions will be shown.