Nine Mens Morris


If you don't see the Nine Men's Morris game above please click on the link and install Microsoft Silverlight.

The object is to remove your opponent's pieces from the board. To do this you have to get three of your pieces in a row either horizontally or vertically. This is known as a MILL. To start you take it in turns to position the pieces on the board. If you create a mill at this stage you are allowed to remove a piece belonging to your opponent. Once all pieces have been placed on the board you move into the mid-game section.

In the mid-game you take it in turns to move a single piece one position along the lines of the board. If you create a mill you can remove an opponent's piece, unless that piece is part of a mill. A mill piece can be removed if there are no non-mill pieces left. To win the game remove all but two of the opponent's pieces or force your opponent into a position where they have no move.