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Acre is port at the eastern end of the Mediterranean in the Bay of Haifa. It played a vital role during the Crusades as a route of supplies travelling to Jerusalem.
1104   Port of Acre captured by the Crusaders
 King Baldwin I captured the important port of Acre on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean. The port was an important supply route for Jerusalem. 
1148 Jun 24  Damascus attacked
 The decision was made to attack Damascus. The armies were assembled in Acre. Present were Baldwin, the Patriarch Fulcher, Kings Louis and Conrad, Archbishops of Caesarea and Nazareth, Masters of the Knights Temple and Hospital.[1] 
1187 Sep  Saladin captures Acre
 After a short siege Saladin captured the port of Acre from the Christians. 
1189   Teutonic Knights established
 The Order of the Teutonic Knights established at Acre.[2] 
1191 Apr 20  Philippe Augustus arrives in Acre
 Philippe Augustus landed in Acre in an attempt to remove Guy of Lusignan as the King of Jerusalem, and replace him with Conrad of Montferrat.[3] 
 Jun 6  Richard arrives at Tyre and attacks Acre
 Richard landed at Tyre and quickly moved towards Acre, where he needed to help an army that was besieging the town which was being held by a garrison of Saladin's troops. By July 12th, the town fell to Richard. Richard held Saladin's men hostage in exchange for 200,000 dinars and 1500 of Richard's own troops who were being held by Saladin. When no ransom was paid, Richard publicly executed 2700 of the garrison. It was at this point that Richard angered Leopold of Austria, who was to imprison Richard as he tried to return to Normandy. Leopold's banner was ripped down from alongside Richard's and the French. The banners indicated that the spoils of war should be shared, but Richard was not prepared the share with Leopold, who had not contributed that much to the fall of Acre.[3] 
 Jul  Richard takes Acre
 Under Richard's command, the city of Acre is taken back by the Crusaders. 
1271 May  Edward reaches Acre
 The Sultan of Babylon abandoned plans to attack Acre at the arrival of Edward (I). Edward moved on to Nazarus where large numbers of Muslims were killed. Becoming ill, Edward returned to Acre where he stayed for 18 months. The fortifications of Acre being too strong for any attackers, an assassination attempt is made on Edward by a messenger from the Emir of Jaffa. The messengers had become a regular occurrence and one managed to approach Edward while he was alone and unarmed. The assassin attempted to stab Edward with a poisoned knife, but Edward saved himself and killed the assassin instead. Edward did suffer a cut and the poison took hold. Luckily, a skilful doctor cut away the poisoned area and, with drugs sent by the master of the Knights Templar, Edward survived. 
1291   Fall of Acre
 The Muslims reclaimed the port of Acre after a siege. Acre was the last refuge for the western crusaders and with the loss of this important port the Crusades had finally come to an end.[4]