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Antioch is both a city and an area on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean. It was one of four Crusader states created at the end of the First Crusade. The other three being Jerusalem, Edessa and Tripoli. Bohemund I was the first ruler or prince of Antioch and he ruled from 1098. Antioch was captured by the Muslims in 1268.
1097 Oct  The Crusaders reach Antioch
 In October of 1097 the Crusaders had reached Antioch. The march had been long and difficult and many had died or deserted due to starvation, diseases and the very wet weather. At once they laid siege to the city. The Turks in the city were prepared and waited to be rescued.[1] 
1098 Jun 3  Antioch falls to the Crusaders
 The siege of Antioch was ended not by force but by betrayal. A hand full of Crusaders climbed a ladder into the city and simply opened the gates from the inside. The hoard of the Christian army surged into the city killing anyone or anything in their way. The destruction was brutal and no mercy was shown. As soon as the Crusaders were in the city the situation changed. Outside a Moslem army arrived and in turn besieged the city. Some Crusaders managed to escape over the walls and flee but the majority were trapped without food in the city.[1] 
 Jun 28  The Crusaders fight back
 Spurred on by the find of the Spear of Longinus, the spear that was supposed to have pierced Jesus on the cross, the Crusaders emerged from the city of Antioch to face the Moslems. The Moslems were defeated, many being killed and many fleeing. After the batlle the ownership of the city was disputed. Bohemund and Raymond of Toulouse argued over its possession and after several months of debate Raymond accepted Bohemund's right to it. In truth, the city should have been handed over to Emporer Alexius.[1] 
1099 Jan  The march to Jerusalem continues
 After a delay of many months the crusaders under the leadership of Raymond of Toulouse left Antioch and headed south towards Jerusalem.[2] 
 Jun  The Crusaders reach Jerusalem
 A year after their victory at Antioch the remaining Crusaders finally reached Jerusalem, their goal.[3] 
1114 Nov  Earthquake
 A large earthquake damaged the areas of the Frankish control in the East. Antioch and Edessa were hit by the shocks. 
1191 May 11  Meeting in Limassol
 Richard met Guy of Lusignan (King of Jerusalem), Geoffrey (Richard's brother), Bohemund (Prince of Antioch), Raymond (Count of Tripoli), Humphrey of Toron and other knights to discuss the attempt by Philippe II of France to replace Guy of Lusignan with Conrad of Montferrat as the King of Jerusalem.[4]