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1152 Qtr 3  Henry defends his position
 After marrying Eleanor Henry came under attack by Louis, Eleanor's previous husband, who did not recognise Henry as the new Duke of Aquitaine. Stephen sent troops and his son Eustace to help Louis against Henry. Henry's younger brother, Geoffrey, was also not happy with the situation and joined the quarrels. Henry moved quickly attacking Louis and capturing Geoffrey to secure his position as Duke. 
1165   Eleanor moves back to Aquitaine
 Henry II and Eleanor's marriage is effectively ended when she moves back to Aquitaine leaving Henry to rebuild England after the civil war in Stephen's reign.[1] 
1179   Richard (I) takes the impenetrable fortress town of Taillebourg.
 Within two weeks Richard broke the defences of the fortress town of Taillebourg. Henry II employed his son Richard to bring the rebellious barons of the Aquitaine area under control.[2] 
1202 Apr 28  John fails to attend a summons to Philippe's court
 Failing to attend the court of Philippe II, John was declared to be a rebel and to have forfeited the areas of Aquitaine, Poitou and Anjou. Philippe tried to mediate in the problems between John and the Lusignans but was ignored by John. The lands were given to Arthur of Brittany. Philippe kept Normandy for himself.[3] 
1204 Jun  Normandy is taken by Philippe
 Philippe II, King of France won control of Rouen, the capital of Normandy and Normandy itself. John still had control of Aquitaine.[4] 
1205 Feb  Philippe plans invasion
 Philippe II of France held a meeting in Normandy to discuss invading England. This forced John to abandon his own plans of invading Normandy as he could not risk moving his army abroad when the French were about to attack. The planned French invasion never materialised.[5] 
1206 Jun  John defends Aquitaine
 After Philippe failed to invade England the year earlier, John took to opportunity to land an army at La Rochelle to defend his interests in Aquitaine which was his from his inheritance from Eleanor of Aquitaine, John's mother. John moved his army north and took back some of the lands he had lost to Philippe.[5] 
1259 Dec 4  Treaty of Paris
 Also known as the treaty of Albeville/Abbeville. A treaty between Louis IX of France and Henry III in which Henry agreed to the loss of Normandy, Maine, Anjou and Poitou. These areas had been lost under the reign of King John. Henry was able to keep the lands of Gascony and parts of Aquitaine. This won Henry the support of Louis IX of France against the rebellious Barons back in England. 
1329 Jun  Edward agrees to do homage to Philippe
 Edward III agreed to do homage to Philippe of Valois for the lands he held in Aquitaine. Edward did not place his hands between Philippe's, a sign of total loyalty which would have been hard to go against, as Edward was unhappy about Philippe's claim to the French throne. Edward was hoping diplomatic endeavours would help his position and wanted Philippe's daughter Joan to marry his first son Edward the Black Prince. [6]