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Cyprus is a large island located towards the eastern end of the Mediterranean. It was captured by Richard I at the start of his crusade in 1191. Several ships, one of which was carrying his future wife Berengaria of Navarre, had been caught in a storm and forced to land on the island. The island's ruler Isaac Ducas Comnenus refused to assist the crusaders and when Richard arrived looking for the missing ships a fight broke out. Richard attacked a captured the town of Limassol and then defeated the Cypriot army which had camped outside the town. Cyprus became useful as a supply route for the crusaders.
1191 Apr 10  Richard's fleet leave Sicily
 The fleet left Sicily to sail to Rhodes. On route, three ships were separated from the group and landed on Cyprus at the port of Limassol. The governor of Cyprus at the time was Isaac Dacus Comnenus, who had come to power from trickery. He had sided with Saladin, and treated Richard's ships as the enemy.[1] 
 May 6  Richard sails to Cyprus.
 Richard located the three lost ships at Limissol, and promptly attacked Comnenus' troops in the town and drove them out. Comnenus was again attacked outside the town, but escaped, leaving behind his standard, embroidered with gold cloth. This was later presented to the abbey of Bury St. Edmunds.[1] 
 Jun 1  Richard controls Cyprus
 By the 1st of June, Richard had control of the whole of Cyprus and imposed a 50% tax in return for letting the Cypriots return to a more traditional way of life. Richard of Camville and Robert of Turnham were left in charge of Cyprus. 
1248 - 1254 The Seventh Crusade (1248-54)
 After the Christians were defeated at Gaza in 1244, Louis IX of France (St. Louis) took the cross. He actually managed to set sail for Cyprus, his base some four years later. Landing at Damietta in June 1249, Louis, he to wait until the Nile floods had reduced before continuing for Cairo. Held up and cut off from Damietta, Louis' camp was struck with disease and most were killed or captured. Louis was taken prisoner, and had to pay a ransom to be freed.[2]