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Rouen is a city in France located near the mouth of the River Seine on the French northern coast. It is the capital of the Normandy area.
1087 Sep 9  William the Conqueror Dies
 William I of England died at the abbey of St Gervais, near Rouen.[1] 
1144   Geoffrey Plantagenet captures Normandy
 After several years of conflict between the Angevins and the Barons of Normandy Geoffrey Plantagenet, count of Anjou, captured Rouen and took control of the whole of the duchy of Normandy. Geoffrey also took the title of Duke of Normandy.[2] 
1154 Spring  Henry returns to Normandy
 A triumphant Henry returned to Rouen in Normandy to a warm reception from his family including Eleanor and his eight month old son William.[3] 
1162   Eleanor gives birth in Rouen
 Eleanor of Aquitaine gave birth to a daughter at Rouen. The girl was named Eleanor after he mother.[2] 
1164 Jan 30  William of Paitin dies
 William of Paitin, Henry II's brother, died at Rouen.[4] 
1174 Aug  Siege of Rouen
 From the middle of July King Louis of France, Henry the Young King and Philip the count of Flanders had surrounded the city of Rouen. The city had held out against the war engines. Henry II arrived at Rouen in the middle of August to rescue the city. The besiegers were fearful that Henry II would invade France and the siege was lifted.[2] 
1199 Apr 25  John is crowned Duke of Normandy
 John is crowned Duke of Normandy at Rouen by Walter the Archbishop of Rouen.[5] 
1200   Fire destroys the cathedral at Rouen
 The early cathedral at Rouen in France was badly damaged by a fire that destroyed other churches and parts of the city as well.[6] 
1203 Apr 3  Arthur is murdered
 Arthur was moved to Rouen from Falaise where he was being held. There it is said that John killed Arthur and dumped his weighted-down body in the Seine. The body was discovered and later buried. 
1204 Jun  Normandy is taken by Philippe
 Philippe II, King of France won control of Rouen, the capital of Normandy and Normandy itself. John still had control of Aquitaine.[7] 
1431 May 30  Joan of Arc burnt at the stake
 Joan was burnt at the stake in Rouen in the Old Market Square.[8] 
1435 Sep 14  Duke of Bedford dies
 John, Duke of Bedford, died in Rouen. Henry was still too young to rule and Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, took over as regent until Henry was old enough to rule England unaided. Gloucester was not popular and was the cause of unrest with Parliament. 
1441 Summer  Duke of York in Normandy
 Although Richard, Duke of York, had been appointed governor of France and Normandy he did not go until reports from Rouen in Normandy of French attacks persuaded him to do so.[9] 
1442 Apr 28  Future Edward IV is born
 Edward was born on April 28th in Rouen in Normandy. His father was Richard, Duke of York, the great-grandson of Edward III. Richard was acting as Henry VI's lieutenant-general in France. 
1449 Nov  Siege of Rouen
 A large army of French soldiers were able to retake the cities in Normandy that had been captured by the English. Rouen, the last to fall, was retaken in November after a siege of almost three weeks. This was a major victory for Charles, the French king and a disaster for Henry VI.[10]