England in 1065

The map shows the areas of England that the main Earls of 1065 controlled. At this time Britain is ruled by several Earls rather than one King.

Earl of Wessex: Harold

Harold was the son of Godwine, the Earl of Wessex and was expelled from England with the rest of his family in 1051 by the King, Edward the Confessor. A year later the King was forced to accept the family back when they sailed up the Thames to London with a large force of men. In 1053, Harold's father died and as the eldest son, Harold inherited the title of Earl of Wessex. The king, Edward the Confessor consentrated on the affairs of the church which left Harold to run the affairs of the country, which included fighting the Welsh. Harold had two wives, both called Edith. His second wife was the widow of the Welsh Prince who Harold had defeated in 1063.

Earl of Kent and Essex: Leofwine

Son of Godwine, Earl of Wessex. Died at the Battle of Hastings.

Earl of East Anglia: Gyrth

Son of Godwine, Earl of Wessex. Died at the Battle of Hastings.

Earl of Northumbria: Morcar

Morcar (Morkere) took part in the 1065 rebellion against the then Earl of Northumbria, Tostig and forced Tostig out. Morcar then became the Earl of Northumbria. At the battle of Gate Fulford in September of 1066 Morcar was beaten by the invading Harold Hardrada. After the Norman Invasion, Morcar accepted William as King, but later on joined Hereward the Wake's rebellion against the king on the Isle of Ely. Morcar was captured and imprisoned. He died in prison.