Alexander (II, King of Scotland 1198-1249)

 Born  1198   Born At  
 Died  1249   Buried At  
 Father  William (I, the Lion, King of Scotland 1165-1214)   Mother  Beaumont, Ermengarde de
Ruler of Scotland from 1214 to 1249. Alexander was successful in regaining control of the more outer reaches of his kingdom and attempted to regain land that had been taken by the English. This attempt was abandoned in 1237 with the Treaty of York. Alexander died attempting to regain the Western Isles from control by the Norwegians. He was followed by his son, Alexander III.


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1212   14yrsWilliam gives son as hostage
 William, King of the Scots was prepared to give John his eldest son, Alexander as hostage to keep the peace between the two countries. William was also eager that Alexander should become King of the Scots after himself. Earning the trust of John was to be repaid later when John sent an army to Scotland to help William put down a rebellion.[1] 
1214 Dec 5  16yrsAlexander II became King of the Scots
 Alexander was crowned at Scone. 
1221   23yrsJoan marries Alexander II
 At York Minster, king John's daughter Joan married Alexander II, the king of the Scots. Joan was only eleven years old at the time of the wedding. 
1241   43yrsHenry entertains at Woodstock
 Henry spent time at Woodstock and entertained Alexander. King of the Scots and the English nobility.[2] 
1249 Jul 8  51yrsAlexander II of Scotland dies
 Alexander raised an army and sailed to the Hebrides to regain control of them from Norway, he wanted to end the agreement alliance between the Lord of Argyll and the Norwegians. Alexander became ill on the voyage and was unable to recover. He died on the island of Kerrera. 

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