Alexander (III, King of Scotland 1249-1286)

 Born     Born At  
 Died  1286   Buried At  
 Father  Alexander (II, King of Scotland 1198-1249)   Mother  Coucy, Marie de
Alexander was the ruler of Scotland from 1249 to 1286 and succeeded his father, Alexander II, at the age of seven or eight. Alexander married Margaret one of Henry III's daughters. Although Alexander and Margaret had children they all died before Alexander and Alexander's second wife had no children at all. Alexander had a granddaughter called Margaret who did succeed him. Margaret was known as the Maid of Norway.


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1249 Jul 9  Alexander III became King of the Scots
 Alexander was crowned at Scone. 
1251 Dec 26  Margaret marries Alexander III
 Henry III's daughter Margaret married Alexander III, king of the Scots, at York Minster. Both bride and groom were under the age of eleven at the time of the wedding. The festivities were huge as many members of the English and Scottish courts attended the wedding. 
1263 Oct 1  The Battle of Largs
 Alexander III of Scotland attacked the Viking army led by King Haakon IV of Norway and took the islands of the Hebrides. Haakon died on Orkney. 
1264 Jun  Haco of Norway attacks Scotland
 Haco of Norway and his troops landed at the mouth of the Clyde after taking a battering from storms. Three days of fighting resulted in a victory for Alexander III. Escaping to Orkney, Haco died (from injuries ?). 
1266   Alexander III acquires the Hebrides
 Alexander, the King of the Scots exchanged his daughter in marriage to Eric, the King of Norway for the Hebrides.[1] 
1283 Apr  Birth of Margaret, Maid of Norway
 The birth of a daughter called Margaret to Eric, the young Norwegian King, and Margaret, the daughter of Alexander III. Margaret, the child's mother, died during childbirth. 
1285 Oct 14  Alexander III remarries
 Because all of Alexander's sons had died there was a threat that a fight would break out for the Scottish throne. To ensure a smooth transition it was decided that Alexander should remarry. Alexander married Yolande, the youngest daughter of Robert IV, Comte de Dreux in the hope that she would give him a son. 
1286 Mar 19  Alexander III of Scotland dies
 Alexander III of Scotland died leaving no male heir. Margaret 'Maid of Norway' was next in line for the Scottish throne because her mother was the only child of Alexander that had children.

Episode: Edward I and Scotland  
1290 Jul 18  Treaty of Brigham
 The agreement of the marriage between Margaret Maid of Norway to the first Prince of Wales Prince Edward (II). Margaret was the granddaughter of Alexander III the king of Scotland and was the successor to the Scottish crown. Margaret died on the journey. This led to disputed succession in Scotland.[2]

Episode: Edward I and Scotland  
 Sep  Margaret, 'Maid of Norway' dies on voyage
 Margaret, the 'Maid of Norway', granddaughter of Alexander III and next in line for the Scottish crown was travelling to Scotland when she died on Orkney during the voyage.

Episode: Edward I and Scotland  

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