Anne (of Cleves)

 Born  22 Sep 1515   Born At  
 Died  16 Jul 1557   Buried At  
Anne was the fourth wife of Henry VIII. It had been two years since the death of Jane Seymour when the marriage to Anne was suggested by Thomas Cromwell. A marriage to the sisters of the Dukes of Cleve would create a strong European political alliance. In order for Henry to see what Anne and her sister Amelia looked like the artist Hans Holbein was sent to paint their portraits. The painting of Anne was flattering and Henry agreed to the marriage. When Henry saw Anne, who arrived in England on the 1st of January 1540, he was disappointed that the she did not look like her portrait. At first he wanted to cancel the wedding but the organisation had gone too far and so the marriage took place on the 6th of January. The marriage was a marriage in name only and Henry sought the means to have a divorce. He even unkindly called Anne 'The Flander's Mare'. Anne understood the situation and accepted the divorce along with a good income and the use of several homes including Hever Castle. Anne died on the 16th or 17th of July 1557.

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Early Modern Period (1500-1800)
1515 Sep 22  Birth of Anne of Cleves
 Anne of Cleves was born in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Episode: Henry VIII and his Six Wives  
1540 Jan 6  25yrsMarriage of Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves
 Although Henry was disappointed that Anne did not resemble her portrait the marriage went ahead as planned.

Episode: Henry VIII and his Six Wives  
 Jul 9  Marriage to Anne of Cleves annulled
 The marriage of Henry VIII to Anne of Cleves was annulled just a few months after the marriage. Anne agreed to an annual income and the use of several lavish homes in England.

Episode: Henry VIII and his Six Wives  
 Jul 28  Marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine Howard
 Just weeks after the marriage to Anne of Cleves was annulled Henry married Catherine Howard.

Episode: Henry VIII and his Six Wives  
1553 Aug 3  38yrsMary arrives in London
 Mary Tudor arrived at London to a huge welcome. Entering through Aldgate she was met by Elizabeth, Anne of Cleves and many others. Mary quickly ordered the release of her supporters that had been locked up at the Tower of London. The Duke of Northumberland and his supporters were placed in the Tower to await trial and execution.

Episode: Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Day Queen  
1557 Jul 16  42yrsDeath of Anne of Cleves
 Since the divorce from Henry VIII Anne had been given a good annual income and use of several homes. She died on the 16th or 17th of July, 1557.

Episode: Henry VIII and his Six Wives  

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