Arthur (of Brittany)

 Born  1187   Born At  
 Died  1204   Buried At  
 Father  Geoffrey (Duke of Brittany)   Mother  Constance (of Brittany)
Arthur was the son of Geoffrey, the fourth son of Henry II, and Constance of Brittany. When Richard I went on Crusade he nominated Arthur as heir to the English throne even though Arthur was only four. Richard did this in an attempt to prevent John claiming the English throne if anything happened to him while crusading. In 1196 Arthur was given the title of Duke of Brittany in 1196 and Richard invaded his territories. Richard's invasion failed. When Richard died in 1199 Arthur's claim to the English throne was ignored and John, Henry II youngest son, became king instead. In 1202 Arthur was captured by the English while the duke was besieging his grandmother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, at Mirabeau castle. Arthur was taken first to Falaise and then possibly to Rouen and killed.

Family Tree Details
Father: Geoffrey (Duke of Brittany) (b.1158 - d.1186)
Mother: Constance (of Brittany)
Arthur (of Brittany) (b.1187 - d.1204)

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1196   9yrsArthur proclaimed Duke of Brittany
 Arthur, the grandson of Henry II, was given the title of Duke of Brittany. 
1199 Mar  12yrsSiege at the castle of Chalus, and Richard dies
 Richard besieged the castle at Chalus where some treasure had been unearthed. Richard believed it was his and tried to take the castle. Riding too close to the walls, Richard was shot in the shoulder. The castle then fell and the archer who shot Richard was brought before him. Richard forgave the archer but Richard's second in command had the archer executed. Richard died of his wounds. On his death bed, Richard nominated his brother John as his heir rather than Arthur of Brittany.[1] 
1202 Apr 28  15yrsJohn fails to attend a summons to Philippe's court
 Failing to attend the court of Philippe II, John was declared to be a rebel and to have forfeited the areas of Aquitaine, Poitou and Anjou. Philippe tried to mediate in the problems between John and the Lusignans but was ignored by John. The lands were given to Arthur of Brittany. Philippe kept Normandy for himself.[2] 
 Jul  Arthur knighted
 Philippe of France knights Arthur of Britanny. 
 Aug 1  Battle of Mirabeau
 Arthur of Brittany and the Lusignans had laid siege to Mirabeau Castle trapping Eleanor of Aquitaine inside. King John launched a rescue mission to free her. Arthur was captured by William de Braose and was handed over to King John. Many other important knights were also captured and it was an important and famous victory for the English king. Those that were captured were treated badly by King John. He could have ransomed them for their freedom and made a lot of money, instead he kept them prisoner locked in dungeons. Some he had shipped to England and imprisoned. Arthur was sent to the dungeon in the castle at Falaise in Normandy. 
1203 Apr 3  16yrsArthur is murdered
 Arthur was moved to Rouen from Falaise where he was being held. There it is said that John killed Arthur and dumped his weighted-down body in the Seine. The body was discovered and later buried. 

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