Edgar (King of Scotland 1097-1107)

 Born     Born At  
 Died  1107   Buried At  
 Father  Malcolm (III, Scottish King 1058-1093)   Mother  Margaret (Granddaughter of Edmund Ironside)
Edgar was the son of Malcolm III and Margaret, the sister of Edgar the Aethling. When Malcolm was killed at the Battle of Alnwick, in 1093, a power struggle resulted with Malcolm's brother Donald Bane becoming King of Scotland. Malcolm's family were exiled to England. In 1095, while assisting William Rufus in the North fighting the rebel Robert de Mowbray, William nominated Edgar the rightful King of Scotland. Edgar had to wait until 1097 when, with assistance from his uncle Edgar the Aethling, he advanced into Scotland, forced out Donald Bane and took the Scottish throne. Edgar ruled Scotland from 1097 to 1107 as a vassal of the William Rufus, English king, and began to improve the links between the two countries. This included the marriage of his sister Matilda to Henry I in 1100. In 1098 a treaty with Magnus III gave away the northern territories of Scotland including the Hebrides to Norway. Edgar spent money on religious houses in Scotland including the foundation of an Abbey at Coldingham populated by monks from Durham and the reconstruction of Dunfermline Abbey. It was in this Abbey that Edgar was buried after his death on the 8th of January 1107. Edgar had no children and so his brother Alexander became King of the Scots.


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1093 Nov 13  Donald Bane becomes king of Scotland
 After Malcolm III and his second son Edward were killed near Alnwick Donald, Malcolm's brother, became the king of Scotland. Malcolm's family, including Edgar, were forced into exiled in England. 
1097   Edgar Macmalcolm becomes king of the Scots
 Edgar, the son of Malcolm III of Scotland, became the king of Scotland after taking the Scottish throne from Donald Bane. 
1098   Treaty with Magnus III of Norway
 A treaty was signed between Edgar, King of Scotland, and Magnus III of Norway agreeing that the northern territories of Scotland including the Hebrides belonged to Norway. 
1100 Nov 11  Henry I marries Matilda of Scotland
 Henry I married Matilda of Scotland, daughter of Malcolm III and sister of Edgar, the King of the Scots. The ceremony took place at Westminster Abbey.[1] 
1107 Jan 8  Alexander I becomes king of the Scots
 The death of Edgar caused a split of unity in Scotland. Alexander I became King of the Scots and David I became the King in Lothian and Strathclyde. 

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