EDMUND (II Ironside, King of the English 1016)

 Born  981   Born At  
 Died  30 Nov 1016   Buried At  Glastonbury
 Father  Aethelred (II The Unready, King of the English 978-1013, 1014-1016)   Mother  Aelfgifu
Preceded by  Aethelred (II The Unready, King of the English 978-1013, 1014-1016) Succeeded by  Canute (King of England 1016-1035)
 Royal House   Wessex

Titles Include

King of England

dmund II (Ironside) became King after the death of his father AEthelred II in London. He married Eldgyth in 1015. In 1016 Edmund fought off an invasion of London by Canute Sveinsson and as a reward the citizens of London proclaimed Edmund King. Unfortunately the Witan chose Canute as king and a peace agreement was formed between the two sides after several battles that had no real outcome. It was during these battles that Edmund received his title of Ironside. Edmund was given control of Wessex and Canute was allowed to control Mercia and Northumbria. Part of the agreement was that whoever died first should give their territory to the other. In November 1016 Edmund died and so Canute took total control. Did Canute have Edmund murdered?


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1015 Qtr 3  34yrsCanute returns to England
 Canute invaded England taking control of Mercia and Northumbria. Aethelred was ill and England was in the hands of Edmund (Ironside).

Episode: Viking Invasions  
1016 Apr  35yrsEdmund II (Ironside) becomes King
 Edmund II became king at the death of his father Aethelred II in London. London chose prince Edmund as king but it was short lived as the Southampton Witan chose Canute, who then invaded England. 
 Apr  Canute attempts to take the throne
 Canute advanced on London for a fight with Aethelred but Aethelred died in the same month. London accepted Edmund Ironside as their ruler. Canute would have to defeat Edmund if he was to become King of England.[1]

Episode: Viking Invasions  
 May  Canute attacks London
 Edmund had gone to Wessex to accept the support of the people there as the new king of England but Canute had reached London and was besieging its inhabitants. The Londoners held out against Canute's attempts to defeat them while Edmund travelled back to help. Edmund's army grew as he advanced towards Canute. The English won a couple of battles forcing the Danes to retreat and regroup but the Danes won the important battle at Ashingdon.[2] 
 Oct 18  Treaty between Canute and Edmund
 Canute defeated Edmund Ironside at Ashingdon and a treaty was signed leaving Edmund with only the area of Wessex.

Episode: Viking Invasions  
 Nov 30  Canute becomes King of England
 Edmund Ironside died only a month after the treaty with Canute. Canute then became King of England.

Episode: Viking Invasions  
1067 Mar  William returns to Normandy
 William returned to Normandy taking as guests Edgar the Aetheling (the grandson of Edmund Ironside), Stigand (Archbishop of Canterbury, the Earls of Mercia and Northumbria and the brothers Edwin and Morcar.[3] 

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