Edward (The Exile)

 Born  1016   Born At  
 Died  1057   Buried At  
 Father  EDMUND (II Ironside, King of the English 1016)   Mother  Ealdgyth
Edward was the son of Edmund II (Ironside), king of England. When Edmund died and Canute became king in 1016, Edward fled to Hungary where he married into the country's ruling family. In 1053 Edward was invited back to England by (Harold Godwinson / Edward the Confessor ?) with his three children. Edward the Confessor had no children and Edward the Exile had an excellent claim to the English throne if the king died. Edward the Exile died shortly after arriving back in England in 1057. His death is a mystery, but may have been arranged by Harold Godwinson who was to benefit from the heir the throne's death. Edward's children including his eldest son, Edgar the Aethling were brought up by Edward the Confessor, and Edgar was nominated as heir to the English throne.

Family Tree Details
Father: EDMUND (II Ironside, King of the English 1016) (b.981 - d.1016)
Mother: Ealdgyth (b.963 - d.1017)

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1053   37yrsEdward the Exile invited to England
 Harold Godwinson invited the exiled Edward the Exile back to England in the hope that he could claim the English throne from Edward the Confessor.

Episode: Reasons for the Norman Invasion  
1057   41yrsEdward (the Exile) dies
 Edward the Exile died in mysterious circumstances. Edward was the rightful heir the throne of England and Harold, Earl of Wessex benefited from Edward's death.

Episode: Reasons for the Norman Invasion  

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