Louis (VII, The Young, King of France, 1137-1180)

 Born  1121   Born At  
 Died  1180   Buried At  
 Father  Louis (VI, The Fat, King of France 1108-1137)   Mother  Adelaide (of Savoy)
Louis was the second son of Louis VI. The eldest was killed in childhood. Louis VII married Eleanor of Aquitaine. The marriage was arranged by his father in the attempt to bring the two regions of France and Aquitaine together. Eleanor had a strong will and may have steered Louis' actions which brought him in conflict with both Pope and St. Bernard over matters of the Church. Eleanor also had an amorous nature the king could not trust and when on Crusade, Louis insisted Eleanor went along too. In Antioch in March 1148 Eleanor had an affair with Raymond of Poitiers who was her uncle. Back in France in 1149 Louis wanted to annul the marriage, but Suger looking after the country while Louis had been away, advised him not to. In March 1152 after Suger died, Louis annulled the marriage. This was a disaster for France as Eleanor married Henry, the Count of Anjou who would become Henry II King of England. Henry accepted being Louis' vassal and even sent his sons Richard and John, both who would become king of England to pay homage to Louis. Louis and Henry had conflicts, one being Thomas Becket archbishop of Canterbury who Louis gave asylum to. Louis died in 1180 and was succeeded by his son Philippe Augustus.


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1137 Dec 25  16yrsLouis VII becomes King of France
 Louis VII was crowned king of France, a few months after the death of his father Louis VI.[1] 
1147 Jun  26yrsLouis VII joins the Crusade
 Declaring Abbot Suger regent of France, Louis VII and Eleanor began their Crusade.

Episode: The Second Crusade  
1148 Jun 24  27yrsDamascus attacked
 The decision was made to attack Damascus. The armies were assembled in Acre. Present were Baldwin, the Patriarch Fulcher, Kings Louis and Conrad, Archbishops of Caesarea and Nazareth, Masters of the Knights Temple and Hospital.[2]

Episode: The Second Crusade  
1151   30yrsWar in Normandy
 Louis VII, the king of France, was not happy with Henry's new position as Duke of Normandy. Louis declared war on Henry. The dispute was sent to arbitration in Paris (who by - probably Knights Templar) and was resolved by Henry doing homage to Louis for Normandy and giving France the area of Vexin. 
1152 Mar 11  31yrsDivorce of Louis VII and Eleanor
 The marriage of King Louis VII of France and his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine was annulled. The reason for the divorce was given as consanguinity which means both Louis and Eleanor shared a common ancestor but the marriage had never been a happy one and Eleanor had been accused of adultery while accompanying Louis on crusade to the Holy Land in 1149.[3] 
 May  Henry marries Eleanor
 Only two months after Eleanor of Aquitaine's marriage to Louis VII, king of France was annulled, she married Henry of Anjou - future king of England - Henry II.[4] 
 Qtr 3  Henry defends his position
 After marrying Eleanor Henry came under attack by Louis, Eleanor's previous husband, who did not recognise Henry as the new Duke of Aquitaine. Stephen sent troops and his son Eustace to help Louis against Henry. Henry's younger brother, Geoffrey, was also not happy with the situation and joined the quarrels. Henry moved quickly attacking Louis and capturing Geoffrey to secure his position as Duke. 
1158 Aug  37yrsHenry II proposes a marriage
 Henry travelled to France to meet the French King and propose a marriage between his son Henry and Louis' daughter Margaret. This was accepted but the actual betrothal did not occur until November of 1160. 
1159 Jun 24  38yrsHenry II moves on Toulouse
 Henry claimed the area around Toulouse in the name of his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine, At Poitiers he gathered his army and on June 24 the army began its march. He invaded the region and advanced on the city of Toulouse. Louis VII of France was unhappy with Henry's increasing power and took an army to Toulouse to prevent the English king entering the city. Henry backed down from attacking the city while Louis was inside it. Henry was Louis' vassal and taking the French King captive was not a good idea.[5] 
 Oct  Henry II in Normandy
 Henry took his army north to Normandy where Louis' brothers were attacking the border. Henry took several castles and cut Louis off from Paris. 
 Dec  Louis signs a peace treaty
 Henry held the upper hand and Louis had no choice other than sign a peace treaty. It was agreed that the treaty would last until Whitsun 1160. 
1160 Oct  39yrsHenry pays homage
 It was agreed that most of the gains that Henry achieved in the last twelve months from Louis were to be reversed and as hier to Normandy Henry did homage to Louis, the French king. 
1165 Aug 21  44yrsBirth of Philip Augustus
 The future king of France was born.[5] 
1169   48yrsBetrothal of Richard and Alice
 A marriage agreement was arranged between Prince Richard and the daughter of King Louis VII, bringing peace between England and France.[6] 
 Jan 6  Becket submits to Henry
 Henry II of England, Louis VII of France and Becket met at Montmirail; Becket submitted to Henry excepting only on point, and negotiations failed (7.1); a second meeting took place (7.2) at St. Leger-en-Yvelines, and a papal ultimatum served on Henry..[7]

Episode: Henry II and Thomas Becket  
1174 Aug  53yrsSiege of Rouen
 From the middle of July King Louis of France, Henry the Young King and Philip the count of Flanders had surrounded the city of Rouen. The city had held out against the war engines. Henry II arrived at Rouen in the middle of August to rescue the city. The besiegers were fearful that Henry II would invade France and the siege was lifted.[3]

Episode: Rebellion against Henry II  
 Oct 11  Henry II reaches a peace agreement
 After a year and a half of rebellion against him, Henry II achieved peace agreements with Louis the French king and his own three sons. (Treaty of Falaise?)[3]

Episode: Rebellion against Henry II  
1179 Nov 1  58yrsPhilip II of France crowned
 Following the Capetian tradition of the French Kings, King Louis VII of France had his eldest son Philip crowned at Rheims Cathedral. Philip then became joint ruler of France.[5] 
1180 Sep 18  59yrsPhilippe Augustus takes the French throne
 Philippe II, Augustus succeeds to the French throne after the death of his father.[1]