Henry (VII, King of England 1485-1509)

 Born  28 Jan 1457   Born At  Pembroke Castle
 Died  21 Apr 1509   Buried At  Westminster Abbey
 Father  Tudor, Edmund (Earl of Richmond)   Mother  Beaufort, Lady Margaret
Preceded by  Richard (III, King of England 1483-1485) Succeeded by  Henry (VIII, King of England 1509-1547)
 Royal House   Tudor

Titles Include

King of England from 1485

Henry Tudor

enry Tudor, the future Henry VII king of England, was born at Pembroke Castle in January 1457. He was the son of Edmund Tudor the Earl of Richmond and Lady Margaret Beaufort. Edmund Tudor was the son of Catherine of France who had been married to Henry V, King of England. Edmund Tudor's father was not Henry V, but Owen Tudor who Catherine married after Henry V's death. Henry Tudor's claim to the English throne was on his mother's side, Lady Margaret of Beaufort, who was directly descended from Edward III's son John of Gaunt through his marriage to Catherine Swynford. This simplified family tree shows the link from Lady Margaret back to King Edward III.

Edward (III, King of England 1327-1377)
   Philippa (of Hainault)
John (of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster)
   Swynford, Catherine 
Beaufort, John (1st Earl of Somerset)
   Holland, Margaret 
Beaufort, John (1st Duke of Somerset)
   Beauchamp, Margaret (of Bletsoe) 
Beaufort, Lady Margaret
   Tudor, Edmund (Earl of Richmond)
Henry (VII, King of England 1485-1509)

Edmund Tudor had married Lady Margaret in 1455 when she was only twelve years old. When Edmund died in captivity a year later, Lady Margaret was expecting their first child, Henry. Henry's early years were spent with his uncle Jasper Tudor the Earl of Pembroke. In 1471, after Henry VI and the Prince of Wales were killed and the Lancastrians were defeated, Henry Tudor found himself head of the Lancastrian family. As it was unsafe for him to remain in England, Henry and Jasper Tudor fled to Brittany to wait for a chance of claiming the English throne.

Family Tree Details
Father: Tudor, Edmund (Earl of Richmond) ( - d.1456)
Mother: Beaufort, Lady Margaret (b.1443 - d.1509)
Henry (VII, King of England 1485-1509) (b.1457 - d.1509)
+Elizabeth (of York) ( - d.1503) =Arthur (Prince of Wales) (b.1486 - d.1502) | +Catherine (of Aragon) (b.1485 - d.1536) =Margaret (Tudor, Daughter of Henry VII) (b.1489 - d.1541) | +James (IV King of Scotland 1488-1513) (b.1473 - d.1513) | | =James (V, King of Scotland 1513-1542) (b.1512 - d.1542) | | +Mary (of Guise) ( - d.1560) | | | =Mary (Stuart, Queen of Scotland) (b.1542 - d.1587) | | | +Francis (II, King of France 1559-1560) (b.1544 - d.1560) | | | +Henry (Lord Darnley) (b.1546 - d.1567) | | | =James (VI of Scotland, 1567-1625, from 1603 James I of England) (b.1566 - d.1625) | | +Erskine, Margaret (Lady) | | =Stewart, James (1st Earl of Moray) (b.1531 - m.1570) | +Douglas, Archibald (Earl of Angus) ( - d.1557) | =Douglas, Margaret ( - d.1578) | +Stewart, Matthew (Earl of Lennox) ( - d.1571) | =Henry (Lord Darnley) (b.1546 - d.1567) | | +Mary (Stuart, Queen of Scotland) (b.1542 - d.1587) | | =James (VI of Scotland, 1567-1625, from 1603 James I of England) (b.1566 - d.1625) | =Stewart, Charles (Earl of Lennox) ( - d.1576) =Henry (VIII, King of England 1509-1547) (b.1491 - d.1547) | +Catherine (of Aragon) (b.1485 - d.1536) | | =Mary (I, Queen of England 1553-1558, Bloody Mary, Mary Tudor) (b.1516 - d.1558) | | +Philip (II, King of Spain 1556-1598) (b.1527 - d.1598) | +Boleyn, Anne ( - ex.1536) | | =Elizabeth (I, Queen of England 1558-1603) (b.1533 - d.1603) | +Seymour, Jane ( - d.1537) | | =Edward (VI, King of England 1547-1553) (b.1537 - d.1553) | +Anne (of Cleves) (b.1515 - d.1557) | +Howard, Catherine ( - ex.1542) | +Parr, Catherine =Mary (Tudor, Queen of France) (b.1495 - d.1533) +Louis (XII, King of France) ( - d.1515) +Brandon, Charles (Duke of Suffolk) (b.1485 - d.1545) =Frances (Lady) | +Grey, Henry (Duke of Suffolk) ( - ex.1554) | =Grey, Jane (Lady) (b.1537 - ex.1554) | =Grey, Catherine (Lady) =Clifford, Eleanor (Lady) ( - d.1547)

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Partial Personal Timeline

1444 Apr  Treaty of Tours
 A peace treaty signed between Henry VI of England and Charles VII of France. The treaty resulted in five years of peace between the two countries and included the arrangement of marriage between Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou.[1]

Episode: Henry VI and Joan of Arc  
1455   Edmund Tudor marries Margaret Beaufort
 Edmund Tudor married Margaret Beaufort, the heiress of the Duke of Somerset. Margaret was only twelve years old.[2] 
1456 Nov  Edmund Tudor dies
 Edmund the Earl of Richmond died in captivity in Carmarthen Castle. His thirteen year old bride Margaret was expecting their child who would become the future King Henry VII. 
 Dec  Margaret Beaufort moved to Pembroke
 After the death of Edmund Tudor his brother Jasper Tudor Earl of Pembroke moved Margaret Beaufort to Pembroke Castle. Margaret was the wife of Edmund and expecting their first child.[3] 
1457 Jan 28  Henry (VII) is born
 The future king of England, Henry VII, was born at Pembroke Castle. His father was Edmund Tudor who had died a couple of months before the birth and his mother was Margaret Beaufort who was directly descended from Edward III. 
1461 Sep  4yrsPembroke Castle captured
 Pembroke Castle was captured by William Herbert. The young Henry Tudor was found in the castle where he had been hiding.[4]

Episode: Wars of the Roses  
 Nov  Pembroke Castle in Yorkist hands
 William Herbert was given the castle at Pembroke in recognition of his assistance to Edward IV. Herbert was made the guardian of the future Henry VII who was living at the castle.

Episode: Wars of the Roses  
1485 Aug 7  28yrsHenry Tudor arrives in England
 Henry Tudor landed at Milford Haven in Wales avoiding the south coast which was more heavily defended and made his way north. He was given money by Charles VIII of France to pay for soldiers and ships for the invasion.[5]

Episode: Wars of the Roses  
 Aug 15  Henry Tudor at Shrewsbury
 By August 15th, Henry Tudor had reached the town of Shrewsbury. He had gained the support of some Welsh as he marched north.[6]

Episode: Wars of the Roses  
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