Louis (VIII, The Lion, King of France 1223-1226)

 Born     Born At  
 Died  1226   Buried At  
 Father  Philippe (II Augustus, King of France 1180-1223)   Mother  Isabella (of Hainault)
Louis was the son of Philippe II and Isabella of Hainault. He only reigned for three years from 1223 after the death of his father until his own death in 1226. The events that Louis was involed in occurred earlier in his life as Prince Louis against the English King John. John became unpopular with the Barons of England who rebelled against him. They also asked Prince Louis to claim the English throne instead. Prince Louis invaded England in 1215 and by 1216 was in a strong position to become the King of England, but after the death of King John the barons rallied behind King John's son Henry and defeated Louis at Lincoln.


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1215 Oct  Baron's war
 After the Magna Carta was annulled and it was clear that John was not going to agree to the terms of the charter the civil war between King John and the rebel barons started. The barons offered the English crown to Prince Louis, the son of King Philippe II of France and invited him to invade England. John confiscated the rebel barons' lands and gave them to his own supporters. King John besieged Rochester Castle where a garrison of men had been left by the barons. The garrison was starved out and the castle fell to the King.

Episode: The First Barons' War  
1216   Berkhamsted Castle is captured by the French
 Prince Louis of France besieged the castle at Berkhamsted. It fell to his army within a few weeks. 
 Feb  Small French fleet land in London
 A small French army landed in London. Their commander informed the rebel barons that Prince Louis would soon arrive from France.

Episode: The First Barons' War  
 May 21  Prince Louis of France claims English Throne
 Invited by the barons opposed to king John, Prince Louis of France landed in England to claim the English Throne. Louis captured Rochester Castle after a short siege.

Episode: The First Barons' War  
 Jun  Prince Louis advances across England
 Prince Louis advanced on Winchester and captured the city and its castle. Elsewhere, Windsor Castle and Dover Castle were besieged by the rebel barons. Both castles were defended and held out against the sieges. King John used Corfe Castle in the south-west as his base of operations while he planned his campaign against the rebel barons and Prince Louis.

Episode: The First Barons' War  
 Sep  William of Cassingham
 A man called William of Cassingham, possibly known as Willekin of the Weald, supported King John against the invaders and attacked the rebel barons and French in whatever means he could using a form of guerrilla warfare.[1] 
1217   Portchester castle captured
 Prince Louis captured and almost destroyed the castle at Portchester.

Episode: The First Barons' War  
 Apr  Siege of Mountsorrel Castle
 Royalists besieged the French controlled Mountsorrel Castle in Lincolnshire. When Louis sent reinforcements to assist those in the castle the royalists moved away to Nottingham. The French army then made the mistake of moving on to Lincoln where the royalists had held out against previous attacks.[1]

Episode: The First Barons' War  
 May 20  Battle of Lincoln
 Henry III's supporters defeated the forces belonging to Prince Louis and the rebel barons that were besieging the castle at Lincoln.

Episode: The First Barons' War  
1223   Louis VIII becomes King of France
 Louis VIII became king of France, upon the death of his father Philippe Augustus.[2] 
1226   Louis IX becomes King of France
 At twelve years old, upon the death of his father, Louis IX became king of France.[2] 

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