James (I, King of Scotland 1406-1437)

 Born  1394   Born At  
 Died  20 Feb 1437   Buried At  
 Father  Robert (III, King of Scotland 1390-1406)   Mother  Drummond, Annabella
The poor leadership of Robert III, King of Scotland led to an uprising by the barons. The most powerful baron was the King's brother, also called Robert, but known as the duke of Albany. Albany arranged for the King's eldest son to be imprisoned and he died in captivity. In 1406, the King sent James his younger son and now heir to the throne to France in an attempt to save the boy. But James was captured by pirates and handed over to the English. A month later Robert III of Scotland died and James should have become King of Scotland, but he was held prisoner by the English. James was held for eighteen years while Scotland was ruled by Albany acting as regent. Albany and his son Murdac both refused to ransom James as they prefered to hold on to power in Scotland. While in captivity James was given a good education befitting a king and he married an Englishwoman Joan Beaufort, the great-granddaughter of Edward III, King of England. When James was finally released in 1424 he returned to Scotland to be crowned, He then set about destroying the barons, but in February of 1437 he was attacked at Blackfriars monastery in Perth and killed. Joan and their son, the future James II, escaped.


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1406 Mar  12yrsJames (I) captured by the English
 Robert III had fled from the Duke of Albany to Rothesay Castle and had attempted to send his son James to France. English pirates intercepted James and he was sent to London and imprisoned. 
 Apr  James I of Scotland
 With the death of Robert III, King of the Scots, James I was the new King of Scotland but as he was imprisoned by the English, his uncle Robert, Duke of Albany, acted as Regent until James' release in 1424.[1] 
 Apr  Robert III dies
 Robert III, King of Scotland died at Rothesay Castle. His son James, although the rightful heir to the Scottish throne, was not crowned until 1424. 
1423 Dec  29yrsTreaty of London
 Treaty allowing James I, of Scotland to be freed from his prison where he had been for eighteen years and return to Scotland and become King. 
1424 Mar 28  30yrsTreaty of Durham
 At the Treaty of Durham, James I of Scotland was released from his captivity allowing him to return to Scotland and claim the throne. Note: This appears to be the second treaty allowing his release, so need to understand why there were two,[2] 
 May  James I crowned
 James I, King of Scotland was crowned at Scone Abbey. 
1437 Mar 25  43yrsJames II becomes King of the Scots
 After the death of his father, James II became the King of the Scots.[1] 

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