John (II, King of France 1350-1364)

 Born  Apr 1319   Born At  
 Died  8 Apr 1364   Buried At  
 Father  Philippe (VI, King of France 1328-1350)   Mother  Joan (of Burgundy)
A member of the house of Valois, John was the King of France from 1350 until 1364. Before becoming king John had married Bonne of Bohemia but she died of the Black Death in 1349. John second wife was Joan, Countess or Auvergne. John was captured at the battle of Poitiers by Edward the Black Prince and held hostage for several years before being released after a peace treaty was signed between the English and French kings.


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1350   31yrsJohn II becomes King of France
 John became king of France after the death of his father Philippe.[1]

Episode: Edward III - The Hundred Years War  
1355 Oct  36yrsThe Black Prince starts his chevauchée
 Edward the Black Prince set out from Bordeaux at the start of a chevauchée into lands held by King John of France. Chevauchée was a medieval term for a process destroying the towns, villages and land of an enemy lord in an attempt to reduce the wealth that the lord could extract and put to use in going to war. It also caused panic in the local population and an exodus of refugees.[2] 
1356 Sep 17  37yrsEnglish and French armies meet
 On Saturday 17th of September while the Black Prince was moving his army to English owned city of Bordeaux the English and French armies finally came across each other near Poitiers. Edward moved his army into a defensive position protected by hedges on three sides and a narrow lane on the fourth. 
 Sep 18  Papal mission
 On the Sunday a Cardinal attempted to get the English prince and French king to agree a truce, but the two leaders used the Sunday to rest their troops and prepare for the battle ahead. 
 Sep 19  Battle of Poitiers
 On Monday the 19th of September the battle of Poitiers took place. Even though the English army was outnumbered the Black Prince used superior tactics in the battle and defeated the French without suffering many losses. John, the French King, was captured along with many other French nobles and taken to Bordeaux.

Episode: Edward III - The Hundred Years War  
 Oct  King John at St. Albans
 King John of France was held prisoner at St. Alban's monastery after being captured at Poitiers.

Episode: Edward III - The Hundred Years War  
1357 Mar  38yrsTruce with France
 On behalf of the King of England, Edward, the Black Prince arranged a two year truce with John, the King of France at Bordeaux. 
 Apr  John brought to England
 The Black Prince with the French king and many other prisoners began the journey from France to England. Once back in England these nobles were ransomed for large amounts of money. 
1360 May  41yrsTreaty of Bretigny
 The treaty of Bretigny brought a period of peace for nine years during the Hundred Years War. The treaty was arranged between the Black Prince and the dauphin (later Charles V of France) before being approved by Edward III of England and King John of France. As part of the treaty Edward was given control of the areas of Gascony, Calais and Ponthieu as long as he agreed to give up his claim for the French throne. King John, currently being held hostage in England, was to be released on condition of a payment of 3 million gold crowns to by paid in instalments.

Episode: Edward III - The Hundred Years War  
 Oct  Treaty agreed
 At Calais Edward III and King John of France, who had be released from captivity, signed the Treaty of Bretigny.

Episode: Edward III - The Hundred Years War  
1364   45yrsCharles V becomes King of France
 Charles became king of France after the death of his father John and was crowned at Rheims Cathedral.[1]

Episode: Edward III - The Hundred Years War  

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