Robert (II, King of the Scots 1371-1390)

 Born     Born At  
 Died  1390   Buried At  
 Father  Walter (6th High Steward)   Mother  Marjorie (Daughter of Robert I, the Bruce)
Robert was the son Walter, the 6th High Steward of Scotland, and Marjorie Bruce the daughter of Robert I, King of the Scots. Robert was born in 1316. Because it was thought that Robert I would die without an male heir it was decided that his daughter's son, Robert, should become king if circumstances did not change. Circumstances did change with the birth of a boy to Robert I's second wife Elizabeth. The boy became David II, king of Scotland after the death of Robert I. It was not until the death of David II in 1371 that Robert, at the age of fifty-five, became King of Scotland. Robert had many children, possibly twenty or more. The marriage to his first wife, Elizabeth Mure, was considered invalid as they were closely related but his second marriage to Euphemia Ross, was declared legal. The problems other the legitimacy of his children would prove to be a source of dispute for his descendants. Robert died at the age of seventy-four and was succeeded by his son John, Earl of Carrick, who took the name Robert III.


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1333 Jul 19  Battle of Halidon Hill
 Edward had positioned his army on Halidon Hill overlooking Berwick which he had under siege. He choose the location because it allowed him to look out for the Scots who may try and relieve the Scottish who were besieged with the town. A Scottish force tried to get to Berwick put were defeated by Edward's army. Edward III's attacks on Scotland and victory at Halidon Hill put Edward Balliol back on the Scottish throne for four more years. Robert (II), the future King of the Scots, was one of the Scottish commanders at the battle of Halidon Hill.[1] 
1371 Feb  David II dies and is succeeded by Robert II
 The Stewart dynasty was begun when Robert II took the Scottish throne after the death of David II.[2] 
 Mar 27  Robert II is crowned at Scone
 Robert II is crowned at Scone. 
1390 Apr 19  Robert III becomes King of the Scots
 Robert II, king of the Scots died at the age of seventy-four and was succeeded by Robert III who ruled from 1390 to 1406. Robert II was buried at Scone Abbey.[2] 

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