Donald (III, Scottish King 1094-1097)

 Born     Born At  
 Died  1099   Buried At  
 Father  Duncan (I, Scottish king)   Mother  Sybilla
Domnall mac Donnchada, or Donald in English was the younger brother of Malcolm III and became king of the Scots in early 1094 after Malcolm was killed at the Battle of Alnwick in November 1093. Malcolm had nominated his sons at heirs to the Scottish throne and not Donald, his brother, which was normally the case in Scottish succession. Donald took the opportunity to claim the throne for himself and expelled Malcolm's remaining family to England. Donald is known as Donald Bane where it appears Bane means white or fair, possibly in reference to his hair colour. In May of 1094 Duncan, Donald's nephew with help from Norman knights, took the Scottish throne as Duncan II and exiled Donald. Duncan's reign only lasted until November 1094 when he was murdered and Donald was restored to the Scottish throne. Donald shared the rule of Scotland with his nephew Edmund the son of Malcolm III. In 1097 Edgar, another nephew, took the Scottish throne, again with Norman assistance. Donald was blinded and he died a few years later. Edmund is thought to have became a monk at Montacute Abbey where he died some time later.

Family Tree Details
Father: Duncan (I, Scottish king) ( - d.1040)
Mother: Sybilla
Donald (III, Scottish King 1094-1097) ( - d.1099)

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Family Tree Details

Father: Duncan (I, Scottish king) ( - d.1040)
Mother: Sybilla


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1093 Nov 13  Donald Bane becomes king of Scotland
 After Malcolm III and his second son Edward were killed near Alnwick Donald, Malcolm's brother, became the king of Scotland. Malcolm's family, including Edgar, were forced into exiled in England. 
1094 May  Duncan II becomes King of the Scots
 Assisted by Norman knights and his half-brother Edmund, Duncan invaded Scotland to unseat his uncle Donald from the Scottish throne. The invasion succeeded and he became king in May. His reign only lasted until November when he was killed in battle and Donald retook the Scottish throne. Edmund sided with Donald at this time and was named as heir to the throne as the King had no children. It is possible that Edmund shared the rule of Scotland with Donald from 1094. 
 Nov  Donald III restored
 Donald III was restored to the Scottish throne after the death of Duncan II. He shared the Scottish rule with his nephew Edmund. 
1097   Edgar Macmalcolm becomes king of the Scots
 Edgar, the son of Malcolm III of Scotland, became the king of Scotland after taking the Scottish throne from Donald Bane. 

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