David (I, King of Scotland 1124-1153)

 Born  1085   Born At  
 Died  1153   Buried At  
 Father  Malcolm (III, Scottish King 1058-1093)   Mother  Margaret (Granddaughter of Edmund Ironside)
David was the youngest son of Malcolm Canmore and Margaret, the sister of Edgar the Aetheling. David became King of Scotland after the death of his elder brother Alexander who died without having children. While Alexander was King, David had spent much of his time in England with his sister Matilda Edith of Scotland. Matilda Edith had married Henry I, King of England and David was educated at the royal court. David married Maud de Senlis (also known as Matilda) and was given the title Earl of Huntingdon. Living in England meant David had many Norman and English friends. In 1120 King Henry's only son William Adelin was drowned when his ship sank in the English Channel. King Henry had a daughter called Matilda who he wanted to become Queen of England after his death. Henry made the barons, including David, swear an oath to agree with his plans, but after the King's death in 1135 the oath was broken by some barons who chose Stephen, the King's nephew to take the English throne. True to the promise he made to Henry I, David supported his niece Matilda's claim to the English throne and in 1136 invaded the north of England. In 1138 David was beaten at the Battle of Standard by King Stephen. During his reign David greatly increased Scottish territories and in 1141 and later occupied the whole of the north of England to the Ribble and the Tees. David was succeeded by his grandson Malcolm.


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Partial Personal Timeline

1107 Jan 8  22yrsAlexander I becomes king of the Scots
 The death of Edgar caused a split of unity in Scotland. Alexander I became King of the Scots and David I became the King in Lothian and Strathclyde. 
1124   39yrsUnity of Scotland restored under David I
 The unity in Scotland was restored at the death of Alexander by David I who became King of Scots. During his reign the Scottish borders were extended to the River Tees, including all of Northumberland. (Was he assisted by the Knight Templar?) 
1130   45yrsCanterbury choir dedication
 A new choir started at Canterbury Cathedral in 1093 by Prior Ernulf and completed by Prior Conrad was dedicated in the presence of Henry I, David of Scotland and many English Earls.[1] 
1136 Feb  51yrsTreaty of Durham
 A peace treaty signed by King David of Scotland and King Stephen. The Scottish King had invaded northern England in January and had captured many of the major towns including Carlisle and Newcastle. In response, Stephen had raised a large army and marched north to Durham. King David agreed to talk rather than fight and an arrangement was agreed allowing the Scots to keep Carlisle in return for stopping their advance. David refused to do homage to the English King as his loyalties rested with Matilda, King Henry's daughter. King David's son did pay homage to Stephen and received the Earldom of Huntingdon in return.

Episode: Civil War Stephen and Matilda  
   Carlisle Castle under Scottish control
 After King Stephen gave up the rights to Cumberland after the Treaty of Durham to the Scots, King David made Carlisle his southern capital. The Scottish king made large improvements to the defences of the castle at Carlisle and built a keep. 
1138   53yrsCalder Abbey attacked by the Scots
 Monks of the Savigny order were attacked by the Scots under the control of David I, and were forced to return to Furness Abbey.[2] 
 Jan  The Scots invade Northumbria
 King David of Scotland took an army across the border and attacked Northumbria. He wanted Northumbria for his son Henry.[3]

Episode: Civil War Stephen and Matilda  
 Feb  Stephen marches north
 In response to the Scottish attack in the north, Stephen took an army into Scotland but the two kings did not meet and Stephen returned to England.[3]

Episode: Civil War Stephen and Matilda  
 Qtr 2  The Scots invade Northumberland
 Led by their king, David I, the Scots invade and destroy Northumberland. The Scots moved south into Lancashire and North Yorkshire. This prompted Steven to mobilize an army to counter the invasion. The Scots captured and destroyed the important castle at Norham. 

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