Francis (II, King of France 1559-1560)

 Born  1544   Born At  
 Died  Dec 1560   Buried At  
Francis was the son of Henry II, King of France. Francis became king of France at the age of fifteen after his father was accidentally killed while taking part in a tournament to celebrate a wedding. Francis was married to Mary, Queen of Scots who had been sent to France for her own protection. The marriage did not last long as Francis suffered from poor health and he died in December of 1560. They had no children. He was followed by his brother Charles IX.

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Francis (II, King of France 1559-1560) (b.1544 - d.1560)
+Mary (Stuart, Queen of Scotland) (b.1542 - d.1587)

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Early Modern Period (1500-1800)
1548 Jul  4yrsThe French arrive in Scotland
 The request of the Scottish Regent, Mary of Guise, for help to fight the English was answered by the arrival of a army of several thousand French. The assistance came on condition that her daughter Mary should marry the French Dauphin, Francis.[1] 
1557 Dec  13yrsThe Lords of the Congregation
 A group of Scottish Lords signed a covenant promising to support the advancement 'the most blessed Word of God' and to push forward the Reformation in Scotland. This was a move against what they saw as the threat from France with that came from the marriage of Mary, Queen of Scots to the French Dauphin. They called themselves the Lords of the Congregation.[1] 
1558 Apr 19  14yrsBetrothal of Mary and Dauphin Francis
 An agreement was reached between the Scottish commissioners and the French king Henry II for the marriage of Mary, Queen of Scots and Francis, the Dauphin of France. The terms of the agreement allowed the Scots to maintain their traditional rights and would become united with France when Francis became King of France. It was also agreed that if Mary died without having children the Scottish throne would go to the Earl of Arran.[2] 
 Apr 24  Marriage and a secret agreement
 Mary, Queen of Scots married Francis, the Dauphin of France. A secret marriage agreement was signed by Mary giving control of Scotland to France if she died without having children. [3] 
1559 Jul 10  15yrsHenry II killed after a tournament accident
 Henry II, the French king, was accidentally injured during a tournament celebrating a wedding. He was taking part in a joust and the tip of a lance went into his eye. Infection set it and he died a short time afterwards. Henry II succeeded by his son Francis II, the husband of Mary Stuart.[2] 
 Sep 18  Coronation of Francis II, King of France
 Francis was crowned King of France at Rheims cathedral. The ceremony was subdued because of the untimely death of his father.[3] 
1560 Dec  16yrsDeath of Francis II, King of France
 Francis suffered from poor health throughout his life and he died at the age of sixteen from an abscess in his brain.[3] 

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