Malcolm (III, Scottish King 1058-1093)

 Born  circa 1031   Born At  
 Died  13 Nov 1093   Buried At  
 Father  Duncan (I, Scottish king)   Mother  Sybilla
Mael Coluim mac Donnchada or more commonly known as Malcolm III. Malcolm was the son of Duncan I, king of the Scots and spent most of his youth in exile at the court of Edward the Confessor after Duncan was killed by Macbeth in 1040. Several attempts were made to put Malcolm on the Scottish throne but it was not until 1057 that Malcolm killed Macbeth at Lumphanan in Aberdeenshire and then killed Macbeth's stepson Lulach some months later to become King of the Scots. Malcolm reigned from 1058 until 1093 and was known as Malcolm Canmore meaning 'large head', 'bighead' or 'big chief'. In 1068 Edgar the Aetheling arrived at Malcolm's court along with his sister Margaret. Edgar had rebelled against William the Conqueror and had been forced to find safety. Malcolm was happy to assist Edgar and other Lords in their attempts to take land back from the Normans. Malcolm married Edgar's sister Margaret who had deep religious beliefs and who influenced him greatly. In 1093, While supporting Edgar in the north of England, Malcolm and his son Edward were killed near Alnwick. Malcolm was succeeded by his brother Donald.

Family Tree Details
Father: Duncan (I, Scottish king) ( - d.1040)
Mother: Sybilla
Malcolm (III, Scottish King 1058-1093) (b.1031 - d.1093)
+Ingibjorg | =Duncan (II, Scottish King 1094) ( - d.1094) +Margaret (Granddaughter of Edmund Ironside) ( - d.1093) =Edmund (of Scotland) =Edgar (King of Scotland 1097-1107) ( - d.1107) =Alexander (I, King of Scotland 1107-1124) (b.1077 - d.1124) | +Sybilla (of Normandy) (b.1092 - d.1122) =Matilda Edith (of Scotland) | +Henry (I, King of England 1100-1135) (b.1068 - d.1135) | =William (Adelin) (b.1103 - d.1120) | =Matilda (Daughter of Henry I) (b.1102 - d.1167) | +Geoffrey (Plantagenet, 'The Fair', Count of Anjou) ( - d.1151) | | =Henry (II, King of England 1154-1189) (b.1133 - d.1189) | | | +Eleanor (of Aquitaine) (b.1122 - d.1204) | | | | =William (b.1153 - d.1156) | | | | =Henry ('the Young King') (b.1155 - d.1183) | | | | =Matilda (b.1156 - d.1189) | | | | =Richard (I, King of England 1189-1199) (b.1157 - d.1199) | | | | =Geoffrey (Duke of Brittany) (b.1158 - d.1186) | | | | =Eleanor (of England) (b.1162 - d.1214) | | | | =Joan (of England, Queen of Sicily) (b.1165 - d.1199) | | | | =John (King of England 1199-1216) (b.1167 - d.1216) | | | +Illegitimate | | | =Plantagenet, Geoffrey (Archbishop of York) | | | =Longsword, William | | =Geoffrey (VI of Anjou) | | =William (Count of Paitin) (b.1136 - d.1164) | +Henry (V of Germany) =David (I, King of Scotland 1124-1153) (b.1085 - d.1153) | +Matilda (Wife of David I) | =Henry (Earl of Huntingdon) ( - d.1152) | +Warenne, Ada de | =Malcolm (IV, Scottish King 1153-1165) (b.1142 - d.1165) | =William (I, the Lion, King of Scotland 1165-1214) ( - d.1214) | | +Beaumont, Ermengarde de ( - d.1233) | | =Alexander (II, King of Scotland 1198-1249) (b.1198 - d.1249) | | =Margaret (Daughter of William I of Scotland) ( - d.1259) | | =Isabella (Daughter of William I of Scotland) | | =Marjorie (Daughter of William I of Scotland) ( - d.1244) | =David (Earl of Huntingdon) ( - d.1219) | +Matilda (of Chester) | =Margaret (of Huntingdon) ( - d.1228) | =Isabella (of Huntingdon) ( - d.1251) =Mary (of Scotland) (b.1084 - d.1116) +Eustace (III, Count of Boulogne) (b.1089 - d.1125) =Matilda (of Boulogne) ( - d.1152) +Stephen (of Blois, king of England 1135-1154) (b.1100 - d.1154) =Baldwin (of Boulogne) (b.1126 - d.1135) =Eustace (IV, Count of Boulogne) ( - d.1153) +Constance (Countess of Toulouse) ( - d.1176)

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Partial Personal Timeline

1045   14yrsCrinan killed during uprising
 Crinan, the Abbot of Dunkfeld, led an uprising against Macbeth in an attempt to put his grandson Malcolm (III) on the Scottish throne. Malcolm was living at the court of Edward the Confessor at the time. Crinian was killed and the uprising failed. 
1057 Aug  26yrsMacbeth is killed and Lulach becomes king
 Macbeth was killed by Malcolm III (Malcolm Canmore) who later became the King of Scotland. Macbeth was succeeded by his stepson Lulach who was crowned at Scone. 
1058 Mar  27yrsMalcolm III becomes King of the Scots
 Malcolm had killed Macbeth at Lumphanan in Aberdeenshire. Macbeth's stepson Lulach was crowned king and reigned for four months until he too was killed at Strathbogie. Malcolm became King of the Scots and was crowned at Scone.[1] 
1068   37yrsNorthern English move to Scotland
 Many of the northern English lords escaped to Scotland and the court of Malcolm III when it was clear that William had control of the country.

Episode: Norman Conquest  
   Malcolm III marries Edgar's sister
 Edgar the Aetheling took refuge with Malcolm III in Scotland along with his sister Margaret. Malcolm and Margaret were married in the same year. 
1070   39yrsMalcolm raids Northern England
 The Scottish king attacked towns in the north of England.

Episode: Norman Conquest  
   Dunfermline Abbey founded
 The Abbey of Dunfermline was founded by Malcolm III, King of the Scots and his wife Margaret. 
1072   41yrsTreaty of Abernethy
 Treaty between William the Conqueror and Malcolm III of Scotland. In this treaty Malcolm paid homage to William.

Episode: Norman Conquest  
1091 May  60yrsMalcolm III invades the North
 The fourth major invasion into the north of England by Malcolm III started in May when the Scots began a siege of Durham. The Normans led by William Rufus went north to deal with the Scots but a conflict was averted and a renewal of the treaty of Abernethy was agreed.[2] 
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