EDWARD (the Elder, King of West Saxons, 899-924)

 Born  circa 871   Born At  
 Died  17 Jul 924   Buried At  Winchester
 Father  ALFRED (The Great, King of Wessex 871-899)   Mother  Ealhswith
Preceded by  ALFRED (The Great, King of Wessex 871-899) Succeeded by  ATHELSTAN (King of the English 924-939)
 Royal House   Wessex
dward was the ruler of Wessex from 899 after the death of his father Alfred the Great until July 924. His coronation was on June 8th, 900 as Kingston-upon-Thames. When Alfred died the matter of succession was disputed by Edward and his cousin Athelwold. Edward found support in the south of the country while Athelwold found support in the Danes of Northumbria who accepted him as their over-lord. Athelwold was killed in battle in 905. Edward's sister Athelflaed married Aethelred the ruler of Mercia and together Edward and Aethelred defeated the Danes at Tattenhall in 910. In 911 Aethelred died but Athelflaed became the ruler of Mercia and was known as the 'Lady of the Mercians. Alongside her brother Athelflaed fought against the invading Vikings. She died in 918 after which Edward the Elder was able to add Mercia to his domains.


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Partial Personal Timeline

894   23yrsBattle at Farnham
 While Alfred concentrated his efforts against the Danes at Milton, the Danes at Appledore left their camp. Alfred's son Edward took an army and caught the Danes at Farnham. Edward dealt a heavy blow and forced the Danes to retreat to an island on the River Colne. At the same time Danes from East Anglia had sailed around to the Cornish coast and had besieged Exeter. Aflred, who had been on his way to help Edward deal with the Danes on the island, changed direction and headed for Exeter. Back in Essex Haesten had gained reinforcements and moved to a new fortified site at Benfleet, but the fort was attacked by the Saxons while the Danes were on a raiding trip and this forced Haesten to move to Shoebury. The Danes outside Exeter ended their siege and sailed around to the join Haesten at Shoebury.

Episode: Viking Invasions  
899 Oct 26  28yrsAlfred dies, Edward 'The Elder' becomes King
 Alfred the Great died on October 26th and Edward, his son, became king of Wessex. Apart from the English people under Danish rule, Alfred had ruled over all the English in the country.[1] 
900 Jun 8  29yrsCoronation of Edward the Elder
 The coronation of Edward the Elder took place at Kingston-upon-Thames. 
901   30yrsAethelwold ruler of Northumbria
 The Danes in Northumbria accepted Aethelwold as their king. Aethelwold needed an army if he was going to take the English throne from King Edward. 
902   31yrsAethelwold killed
 Athelwold and Eric the Dane were killed in battle when they fought an army of Kentish men who were part of King Edward's army.[2] 
906   35yrsPeace with Northumbria
 Edward the Elder managed to agree peace terms with the Danes in Northumbria but friendly relationships were not to last.[2]

Episode: Viking Invasions  
907   36yrsRomsey Abbey founded
 According to medieval accounts the abbey for nuns was founded at Romsey by Edward the Elder in this year.[3] 
910 Aug  39yrsBattle of Tettenhall
 Edward the Elder of Wessex with help from Aethelred of Mercia defeated Danes from York at the battle of Tettenhall (Wednesfield) in Staffordshire.


Episode: Viking Invasions  
917   46yrsBattle of Tempsford
 The Danes were defeated at the battle of Tempsford and their leader Guthurm was killed.[5]

Episode: Viking Invasions  

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