Alexander (I, King of Scotland 1107-1124)

 Born  1077   Born At  
 Died  1124   Buried At  
 Father  Malcolm (III, Scottish King 1058-1093)   Mother  Margaret (Granddaughter of Edmund Ironside)

Titles Include

King of Scotland

Alexander was the ruler of Scotland from 1107 to 1124. He was the son of Malcolm III and Malcolm's second wife Margaret. Alexander became king in 1107 after the death of his elder brother Edgar who had died without an heir. Alexander married Sybilla one of Henry I's illegitimate daughters. Alexander had no children who could succeed him so he was succeeded by his brother David I who during Alexander's reign had controlled much of Scotland's southern territories.


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1107   30yrsAlexander I becomes King of the Scots
 Alexander became king after the death of his brother Edgar.[1] 
 Jan 8  Alexander I becomes king of the Scots
 The death of Edgar caused a split of unity in Scotland. Alexander I became King of the Scots and David I became the King in Lothian and Strathclyde. 
1123   46yrsFoundation of Inchcolm Abbey
 Alexander I founded this abbey on an island in the middle of the Forth river in Scotland. The Scottish king took refuge on the island in a storm and rewarded the hermit who looked after him with the foundation of a church. 
1124   47yrsUnity of Scotland restored under David I
 The unity in Scotland was restored at the death of Alexander by David I who became King of Scots. During his reign the Scottish borders were extended to the River Tees, including all of Northumberland. (Was he assisted by the Knight Templar?) 

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