EDMUND (I, King of the English 939-946)

 Born  circa 922   Born At  
 Died  26 May 946   Buried At  Glastonbury
 Father  EDWARD (the Elder, King of West Saxons, 899-924)   Mother  
Preceded by  ATHELSTAN (King of the English 924-939) Succeeded by  Eadred (King of the English 946-955)
 Royal House   Wessex
dmund I, son of Edward the Elder, became King of England from October 939 after the death of his half brother Aethelstan. Edmund fought the Vikings in the north, and entrusted land in the north to Malcolm I. Edmund married Aelfgifu and Ethelflaed.


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939 Oct  17yrsEdmund succeeds his brother Athelstan
 Edmund, the half-brother of Athelstan, became King of England at the age of 18. His coronation was held on November 29th at Kingson-upon-Thames. 
944   22yrsEdmund captures York
 Edmund I took control of York and the surrounding area. He removed sacred relics from the remains of Whitby Abbey and moved them to Glastonbury Abbey. 
946 May  24yrsEadred becomes King of Wessex
 Eadred became King of Wessex. He followed his brother Edmund who was murdered. Edmund left two sons, Eadwig and Edgar, who were both too young to rule. 

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