Eadred (King of the English 946-955)

 Born  circa 923   Born At  
 Died  23 Nov 955   Buried At  Winchester
 Father  EDWARD (the Elder, King of West Saxons, 899-924)   Mother  
Preceded by  EDMUND (I, King of the English 939-946) Succeeded by  Eadwig (King of the English 955-959)
 Royal House   Wessex
adred was the King of Wessex from May 946 until his death in 955. He died in early age possibly due to a digestive illness that he suffered from. He devoted his life to God and ensured his palace was a school of virtue. He was threatened by the invasion of Eric Bloodaxe who had been deposed from Norway. Bloodaxe was a ferocious Norse Viking who set himself up as the King of Northumbria in York. In response to the invasion Eadred travelled north and ravaged the area, a common practice used to deny supplies to the enemy. The Northumbrians abandoned Eric Bloodaxe as they saw in Eadred someone more formidable than the Viking. Eadred had no children so at his death Eadwig was chosen as king being the oldest child in the natural line of the House of Wessex. Eadwig became king at the age of sixteen.

Family Tree Details
Father: EDWARD (the Elder, King of West Saxons, 899-924) (b.871 - d.924)
Mother: Wife of Edward the Elder
Eadred (King of the English 946-955) (b.923 - d.955)

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946 May  23yrsEadred becomes King of Wessex
 Eadred became King of Wessex. He followed his brother Edmund who was murdered. Edmund left two sons, Eadwig and Edgar, who were both too young to rule. 
948   25yrsEadred destroys the monastery at Ripon.
 Eadred destroys the monastery at Ripon.[1] 
954   31yrsYork falls to Eadred
 Eadred defeated Eric Bloodaxe the Dane that had ruled the kingdom of York on and off for several years. Eric was killed and Eadred took control of the kingdom of York. Eadred nominated Oswulf as the new ruler of Northumbria.[2]

Episode: Viking Invasions  
955   32yrsEadred dies
 Eadred died at an early age possibly due to a digestive illness. He was followed by Eadwig. 
   Eadwig becomes King of England.
 Eadwig became the King of England after the death of Eadred, his uncle. 
956   Dunstan sent into exile
 Eadwig sent Dunstan into exile. The reason for this is that Dunstan had caught Eadwig and Aelgifu together before they were married and at a time when Eadwig should have been attending an important meeting. Dunstan must have upset Eadwig at this point and was sent into exile. 

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