Balliol, John (King of Scotland 1292-1296)

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hen Margaret, the Maid of Norway died while travelling from Norway to Scotland to claim the Scottish throne, a problem arose as to who should become the next king of Scotland. A court controlled by Edward I chose John Balliol as the next King of the Scots. Balliol was a descendant of David I. He was crowned on 30th November 1292. In 1295 Edward I insisted that the Scots help him attack the French king Philippe IV, but the Scots made an alliance with the French instead. Edward I had little choice but the attack Scotland. In July 1296 Edward defeated Balliol at the battle of Dunbar. After spending some time as a prisoner of the English, Balliol was released and went to live in France. John had a son called Edward who would himself become King of the Scots.


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1291 May 10  Edward I meets Scottish Claimants
 Edward I met the claimants for the Scottish crown at Norham. There were three main claimants to the throne all of whom were descended from David Earl of Huntingdon, the brother of William the Lion who died in 1214. The three men were John Balliol, Robert Bruce and John Hastings. The decision was delayed until the following year to allow all the facts to be taken into account.[1]

Episode: Edward I and Scotland  
1292 Nov 17  John Balliol chosen by Edward I as Scottish King
 At Berwick Edward I declared John Balliol to be the new Scottish King.[1]

Episode: Edward I and Scotland  
 Nov 30  John Balliol become King of the Scots
 Balliol was crowned at Scone Abbey on St. Andrew's Day. 
1295 Oct  Treaty Auld Alliance
 John Balliol went to France and arranged the Treaty Auld Alliance (Content ?)[1]

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1296 Apr  Balliol: Renounces homage to England
 In March of 1296 Edward I had attacked and sacked Berwick. Balliol renounced homage to England.[1]

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 Apr 27  Battle of Dunbar
 John Balliol was defeated at the battle of Dunbar by Edward I.

Episode: Edward I and Scotland  
 Jul  Balliol: Surrenders at Stracathro, Edward takes the Stone of Scone
 The English had taken many castles and in July 1296 Balliol surrendered to Edward I. Balliol was allowed to retire to France some years later. Edward advanced to Elgin and on his return to England took the Stone of Scone.[1]

Episode: Edward I and Scotland  

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