Eadwig (King of the English 955-959)

 Born  939   Born At  
 Died  1 Jan 959   Buried At  Winchester
 Father  EDMUND (I, King of the English 939-946)   Mother  Aelfgifu
Preceded by  Eadred (King of the English 946-955) Succeeded by  EDGAR (I, King of the English 959-975)
 Royal House   Wessex
adwig was the King of England from 955 until his death in 959. From 957 his rule was restricted to Wessex, the area sorth of the River Thames, after a dispute with his younger brother, Edgar. Eadwig took the throne at the age of fifteen or sixteen after the death of Eadred, his uncle, who had died without having any children. The two brothers were too young to rule unaided and it is possible that there were people who tried to influence which brother became king and to control them. After Eadwig became king several people fell from favour including Bishop Dunstan who was sent into exile. The story goes that the king ran into trouble with Bishop Dunstan who was to become Archbishop of Canterbury. Dunstan had caught Eadwig and Aelgifu, the king's future wife, together before they were married and at a time when they should have been attending a meeting with many dignitaries and officials of the kingdom discussing state business. Whether this is true or just a story invented to hide the truth about Dunstan's opposition to the king is not known.

Eadwig's control of the country cam eto and end after for two years when his younger brother and supporters forced the kingdom to be split into two. Edgar took control of the lands north of the Thames, Mercia and Northumbria. while Eadwig controlled Wessex, the lands to the south. When Eadwig died in October of 959, Edgar was able to unite the country under his rule.

Family Tree Details
Father: EDMUND (I, King of the English 939-946) (b.922 - d.946)
Mother: Aelfgifu ( - d.944)
Eadwig (King of the English 955-959) (b.939 - d.959)

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946 May  7yrsEadred becomes King of Wessex
 Eadred became King of Wessex. He followed his brother Edmund who was murdered. Edmund left two sons, Eadwig and Edgar, who were both too young to rule. 
955   16yrsEadwig becomes King of England.
 Eadwig became the King of England after the death of Eadred, his uncle. 
956   17yrsDunstan sent into exile
 Eadwig sent Dunstan into exile. The reason for this is that Dunstan had caught Eadwig and Aelgifu together before they were married and at a time when Eadwig should have been attending an important meeting. Dunstan must have upset Eadwig at this point and was sent into exile. 
 Jan 26  Coronation of Eadwig
 Eadwig's coronation took place at Kingston-upon-Thames. 
957   18yrsDisputed rule
 Conflicts between the brothers Eadwig and Edgar were resolved and the agreement between the two resulted in the lands of England being split. Edgar took control of lands to the north of the Thames, including Mercia and Northumbria, while Eadwig retained Wessex, the lands to the south of the river.[1] 
959 Oct 1  20yrsEdgar becomes King of England
 At the death of Eadwig, Edgar became King of England. He appointed Dunstan Archbishop of Canterbury.[2] 

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