EDGAR (I, King of the English 959-975)

 Born  944   Born At  
 Died  975   Buried At  Glastonbury
 Father  EDMUND (I, King of the English 939-946)   Mother  Aelfgifu
Preceded by  Eadwig (King of the English 955-959) Succeeded by  EDWARD (The Martyr, King of the English 975-978)
 Royal House   Wessex
dgar became King of Mercia and Northumbria from 957 and King of Wessex from October 959 making him ruler of the three most important areas of Britain. Edgar was formally crowned in 973 and recalled Bishop Dunstan from exile making him Archbishop of Canterbury and his chief advisor. Edgar married Ethelflead, Wulfthryth, and Elfthryth. Edgar kept his reign free from invasion which may have been due to links with the royal houses abroad. Five of his father's sisters were married to the heads of foreign countries including the Germans and Vikings.


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946 May  2yrsEadred becomes King of Wessex
 Eadred became King of Wessex. He followed his brother Edmund who was murdered. Edmund left two sons, Eadwig and Edgar, who were both too young to rule. 
957   13yrsDisputed rule
 Conflicts between the brothers Eadwig and Edgar were resolved and the agreement between the two resulted in the lands of England being split. Edgar took control of lands to the north of the Thames, including Mercia and Northumbria, while Eadwig retained Wessex, the lands to the south of the river.[1] 
972   28yrsConsecration of Peterborough Abbey
 Dunstan, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Oswald, the Archbishop of York, consecrated the abbey at Peterborough in the presence of King Edgar. 
   Pershore Abbey charter confirmed
 The rule of Benedictine was introduced to the abbey by St Oswald, the Bishop of Worcester. King Edgar confirmed the estates that the abbey owned. 
973   29yrsEdgar's water-pageant
 Edgar arranged a water-pageant on the river Dee where he was rowed from Chester to the Minster of St. John by eight kings including Kenneth of Scotland, Malcolm of Cumberland, Maccus of the Isles and five welsh princes. Edgar held a festival in the honour of St. John but more likely to show his superiority over the other kings.[2] 
 May 11  Coronation of King Edgar
 King Edgar was crowned at Bath Abbey. 
975 Jul  31yrsEdward becomes king
 Edward, the eldest son of Edgar, became the king of the English at the age of fourteen when his father died. Dunstan became his guardian. 

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