EDWARD (The Martyr, King of the English 975-978)

 Born  962   Born At  
 Murd.  18 Mar 978   Buried At  Wareham, later Shaftesbury
 Father  EDGAR (I, King of the English 959-975)   Mother  Ethelflead
Preceded by  EDGAR (I, King of the English 959-975) Succeeded by  Aethelred (II The Unready, King of the English 978-1013, 1014-1016)
 Royal House   Wessex
dward 'The Martyr' became King of England in July 975 after the death of his father Edgar. A crisis followed the death of the old king as both Edward and his half brother Ethelred had a claim to the throne and were supported by opposing parties. Edward was supported by the monastic party led by Aethelwine and Aethelred was supported by the anti-monastic party led by Ealdorman Aelfhere of Mercia. The Ealdorman wanted to curtail the powers of the monasteries. Edward was murdered near the site of Corfe Castle on the 18th of March 978 while visiting his step-mother Elfrida (or Elfthyrth ?). He was stabbed in the back by an assassin. His step-mother wanted Edward removed so that her own son Aethelred could become king. After being dumped in a well, Edward's body was removed and buried in a church in Shaftsbury where it was said that miracles occurred at the site of the tomb. The blind regaining their sight was one example. Elfrida atoned for her crime and founded two convents. She retired to the convent at Andover and remained there until she died.

Family Tree Details
Father: EDGAR (I, King of the English 959-975) (b.944 - d.975)
Mother: Ethelflead
EDWARD (The Martyr, King of the English 975-978) (b.962 - m.978)

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975 Jul  13yrsEdward becomes king
 Edward, the eldest son of Edgar, became the king of the English at the age of fourteen when his father died. Dunstan became his guardian. 
979 Mar  Aethelred becomes king
 Aethelred became king after the assassination of Edward the Martyr. 
 Mar 18  Murder of Edward the Martyr
 Edward, the King of the English was assassinated under orders from his step-mother, who wanted her son Aethelred to become king. 

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