LOUIS (IX, King of France, St. Louis)

 Born     Born At  
 Died  25 Aug 1270   Buried At  
 Father  Louis (VIII, The Lion, King of France 1223-1226)   Mother  Blanche (of Castile)
After Jerusalem fell in August 1244, Louis took the cross in December. He set sail for his base in Cyprus four years later and landed in Damietta in June 1249. The attempt to reach Cairo failed due to disease and the Crusade was abandoned. Louis was taken prisoner and had to pay a large ransom to be freed.


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Partial Personal Timeline

1226   Louis IX becomes King of France
 At twelve years old, upon the death of his father, Louis IX became king of France.[1] 
1226 - 1234 Blance of Castile rules France
 When Louis IX became king of France he was too young to rule. His mother, Blance of Castile, ruled France on his behalf. 
1244 Aug  Jerusalem falls.
 With the fall of Jerusalem and the crushing defeat of the Christian armies at Gaza, Louis IX took the cross and prepared for a Crusade. (It took him four years to set sail).[2] 
1248 - 1254 The Seventh Crusade (1248-54)
 After the Christians were defeated at Gaza in 1244, Louis IX of France (St. Louis) took the cross. He actually managed to set sail for Cyprus, his base some four years later. Landing at Damietta in June 1249, Louis, he to wait until the Nile floods had reduced before continuing for Cairo. Held up and cut off from Damietta, Louis' camp was struck with disease and most were killed or captured. Louis was taken prisoner, and had to pay a ransom to be freed.[3] 
1248 - 1252 Blance of Castile rules France
 While her son, Louis IX of France, was away taking part in the Crusades Blance of Castile ruled France. She did this until her death in 1252.[4] 
1258 May 11  Treaty of Corbeil
 A treaty between Louis IX of France and James I of Aragon. Both sides gave up ownership of certain lands in exchange for peace. [4] 
1259 Dec 4  Treaty of Paris
 Also known as the treaty of Albeville/Abbeville. A treaty between Louis IX of France and Henry III in which Henry agreed to the loss of Normandy, Maine, Anjou and Poitou. These areas had been lost under the reign of King John. Henry was able to keep the lands of Gascony and parts of Aquitaine. This won Henry the support of Louis IX of France against the rebellious Barons back in England.

Episode: The Second Barons' War  
1264 Jan 23  The Mise of Amiens
 Louis IX held a court at Amiens to decide if Henry should be freed from the obligations forced upon him by the Provisions of Oxford in 1258 by the Barons. Louis agreed that Henry should be freed and ruled against the Barons.

Episode: The Second Barons' War  
1270 Jul 20  The Eighth Crusade
 Louis IX once again set out on Crusade, not to the east but towards Tunis. Charles, the brother of Louis, influenced the direction as Charles had plans in the East (?). At Cathage in July, the plague broke out and in August Louis died. [2] 

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