David (II, King of the Scots 1329-1371)

 Born     Born At  
 Died  Feb 1371   Buried At  
 Father  Bruce, Robert (the Bruce, I, King of the Scots 1306-1329)   Mother  
Married Joan, the daughter of Edward II.


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1324 Mar 5  David (II) born
 The birth of David (II), the future king of Scotland to Robert I and Elizabeth de Burgh. 
1328 Summer  David (II) marries Joan
 Part of the Treaty of Northampton was the betrothal of David (II), son of Robert King of the Scots, to Edward's sister Joan. The two were married in the same year. 
1329 Jun 7  David II becomes king of Scotland
 Robert I (the Bruce) of Scotland died and was followed by David (II). David was only 5 years old and so Edward Balliol claimed his right to the throne being the son of John who was king of Scotland from 1292 to 1296.[1] 
1331 Nov 24  David II is crowned
 David II, at the age of 7, was crowned King of Scotland at Scone. 
1332 Aug 12  Battle of Dupplin Moor
 With help from English archers Edward Balliol forwarded his right to the Scottish throne by defeating David II's followers at Dupplin Moor.[1] 
1341 Jun  David II returns to Scotland
 Edward Balliol is forced to leave Scotland when David II returns from France to claim the Scottish throne.[2] 
 Jul  Edward goes north
 Edward went north to deal with the threat posed by David's return to Scotland.[3] 
1342 Jan  Truce agreed with David II
 Edward III and David II agreed to peace and Edward returns to London.[3] 
1346 Oct 17  Scots defeated at Neville's Cross
 During Edward III's absence on the campaign of Crecy the Scottish king David II was approached by the French King Philippe VI of Valois to invade England. David II did so and advanced south but at Neville's Cross they met a band of monks, priests and land workers who managed to defeat the Scottish army. The band were led by the archbishop of York William Zouche. David II was captured and sent to London to be held at the Tower.[1] 
1357 Oct 3  Treaty of Berwick
 This treaty, signed between Edward III and David II of Scotland, allowed David to go free from prison where he had been kept for the previous 11 years. A ransom of 100,000 marks was the price of his freedom. 
1371 Feb  David II dies and is succeeded by Robert II
 The Stewart dynasty was begun when Robert II took the Scottish throne after the death of David II.[2] 

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