Robert (The Pious, King of France 996-1031)

 Born  circa 970   Born At  
 Died  20 Jul 1031   Buried At  
 Father  Capet, Hugh (King of France 987-996)   Mother  Adelaide (of Poitou, Princess of Aquitaine)
Robert was the son of Hugh Capet, King of France and was born in around 970. Robert was called 'the Pious' due to his devotion to the church but his private life was a little different. Robert's marriage to Rozela, the daughter of the King of Italy, was arranged by his father. Upon Capet's death and his rise the throne Robert dissolved the marriage to Rozela and married Bertha the widow of the count of Blois. The marriage was not welcomed by Pope Gregory V because the two were too closely related. Under the threat of excommunication Robert married Constance of Provence but later tried to dissolve the marriage to again marry Bertha. Constance brought Robert four sons and many problems. Robert made Henry, his eldest son, heir to the French throne but Constance wanted Robert the second youngest to be king. The younger sons, encouraged by their mother, rose up against their father. The one positive outcome was that the youngest son, Raoul, became the Duke of Burgundy and his descendants ruled for three hundred years. The problems caused in Robert's reign by Constance and their sons questioning who should become the next king of France were solved in later reigns when it became the law that the eldest son should be the true heir and no other. Robert attacked the area of Burgundy in an attempt to enlarge his territories and after a war with the state he added the title of Duke of Burgundy. Robert died during the civil war with his sons on the 20th of July, 1031. He was succeeded by his son Henry.


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996 Aug  26yrsCapet Dies and Robert II becomes King of France
 Hugh Capet, King of France died of smallpox.[1] 
1031   61yrsRobert the Pious dies
 Robert, the King of France, died and was succeeded by his son Henry. 

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