Henry (I, King of France 1031-1060)

 Born     Born At  
 Died  1060   Buried At  
 Father  Robert (The Pious, King of France 996-1031)   Mother  Constance (of Toulouse / Arles)
Henry was the son of the King of France Robert the Pious and Constance of Arles. As Henry's older brother had died, Henry became King of France when his father died in July of 1031. Henry ruled France from 1031 until his death in 1060. Henry's younger brother Robert, supported by their mother Constance, had designs on the French throne. This led to conflicts between the brothers but was resolved in 1034 when Henry gave Robert the title of Duke of Burgundy. Henry tried to take control of Normandy, the area to the north of his own lands that cut him off from the sea. Henry was defeated twice by William the Duke of Normandy who would later become William the Conqueror. Henry was defeated in 1054 at the battle of Mortemer and again in 1057 (or 1058) at Varaville.


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1031   Robert the Pious dies
 Robert, the King of France, died and was succeeded by his son Henry. 
1041   Truce of God
 France had descended into what is now known as the 'Anarchy of Feudalism' . Law had broken down and the Earls and Barons lived in fortified castles. Many of these lords robed from the surrounding land to make themselves rich. It was extremely dangerous to travel even on the main roads. Famines were common and trading had almost stopped. To stop the deterioration the Church introduced the Truce of God. The truce outlawed any kind of fighting from Thursday evening to Monday morning.[1] 
1054   Battle of Mortemer
 Battle fought between Henry, the King of France, and William, the Duke of Normandy. Henry wanted to take control of the Normandy area which was preventing the French access to the English Channel. The Normans defeated the French.[2] 
1057   The Battle of Varaville
 Another battle fought between Henry, the King of France, and William, the Duke of Normandy. Again the Normans defeated the French King's army.[2] 
1060   Henry, King of France, dies to be followed by Philippe
 Henry I King of France died. His son, Philippe, became King although he was only eight years old. France was administered by Baldwin one of Philippe's uncles. 

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