Louis (X, The Headstrong, King of France 1314-1316)

 Born     Born At  
 Died  May 1316   Buried At  
 Father  Philippe (IV, The Fair, King of France 1285-1314)   Mother  Joan (of Champagne)
Louis, the eldest son of Philippe the Fair became king of France in 1314, but his reign was only to last eighteen months. During his short reign there were many riots and street fights. Examinations of the treasury found them bare and inquests into the state of the finances led to the hanging of many of Philippe's advisors. They had paid large amounts of money to people Philippe was in debt to. Louis married Clemence, the daughter of King Charles I of Hungary in August 1315 and was soon expecting his son. Louis died in May 1316 after falling ill. Poisoning was suspected but not proven.

Louis was succeeded by his brother Philippe.


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1314 Nov 29  Philippe IV, the Fair dies, and is succeeded by Louis X
 Philippe, King of France, died of a hunting accident within the same year as the deaths of the Knight Templar leaders at the stake. His was succeeded by his eldest son Louis X.[1] 
1316 Nov 15  Birth of John I King of France
 As soon as he was born John became the King of France. His father, Louis X, had died several months before his birth. 
 Nov 20  Death of King John of France
 Only five days after his birth the King of France died. John's uncle Philippe, who had been acting as regent, became King of France. 

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