Philippe (V, the Tall, King of France 1316-1322)

 Born     Born At  
 Died  3 Jan 1322   Buried At  
 Father  Philippe (IV, The Fair, King of France 1285-1314)   Mother  Joan (of Champagne)
Philippe, acting as regent after the death of his brother Louis, took the throne in 1316 after the death of Louis' only son John. Louis had a daughter Joan by an earlier marriage but Philippe ensured that Joan would not become Queen by reinvoking an old law called the Salic Law that stated a woman should not succeed to the throne. During his short reign Philippe brought about many administrative reforms and attempted to impose income taxes of twenty percent. He died of tuberculosis in 1322 and was succeeded by his brother Charles.

Family Tree Details
Father: Philippe (IV, The Fair, King of France 1285-1314) ( - d.1314)
Mother: Joan (of Champagne)
Philippe (V, the Tall, King of France 1316-1322) ( - d.1322)

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1316   Philippe V becomes King of France
 Philippe, the brother of the previous King of France, became regent and then King of France.[1] 
1322 Jan 3  Charles IV becomes King of France
 Charles succeeds his brother Philippe as King of France.He would reign until 1328.[1] 

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