Charles (IV, the Fair, King of France 1322-1328)

 Born     Born At  
 Died  Feb 1328   Buried At  
 Father  Philippe (IV, The Fair, King of France 1285-1314)   Mother  Joan (of Champagne)
Charles, the brother of the previous French king Philippe V, took the throne in preference to Philippe's daughters because of the Salic Law which stated that a woman should not succeed to the throne. Charles married Mary of Luxemburg in May of 1322 and hoped for a son. Mary died and in July of 1325 Charles married his first cousin Joan. Charles' sister was Isabella the wife of Edward II King of England. She arrived at Charles' court leaving her husband due to his homosexuality. Isabella brought along her son, the future Edward III, and had him instated as Duke of Aquitaine. With help from Roger Mortimer Isabella had her husband Edward II murdered. Charles died suddenly in February of 1328 leaving no male heir but his wife expecting a child. Before his death, Charles nominated Philippe of Valois, his first cousin as regent until the birth of the child, hopefully a son. The child was a girl and so Philippe became King.

Family Tree Details
Father: Philippe (IV, The Fair, King of France 1285-1314) ( - d.1314)
Mother: Joan (of Champagne)
Charles (IV, the Fair, King of France 1322-1328) ( - d.1328)

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1322 Jan 3  Charles IV becomes King of France
 Charles succeeds his brother Philippe as King of France.He would reign until 1328.[1] 
1325 Mar  Isabella leaves for France
 Isabella travelled to France to see King Charles IV her brother. Her mission was to bring to an end the disputes over land between France and England. The King agreed to the English reclaiming the lands of Gascony and Ponthieu as long as Edward came to Paris and paid homage. In Paris Isabella met Roger Mortimer who had recently escaped from the Tower of London. She fell in love with him.[2]

Episode: Isabella, She-Wolf of France and death of Edward II  
 Sep 21  Prince Edward is captured
 Prince Edward met Charles IV and paid him homage. The French king gave the Prince the title of Duke of Aquitaine and informed the English King that the French were going to retain the Agenais, an area of southwest France. Prince Edward had effectively been captured and his mother, Isabella the English Queen, had begun the plans of removing her husband from the throne of England.[2]

Episode: Isabella, She-Wolf of France and death of Edward II  
 Nov  Edward commands Isabella to return
 At a Parliament called to discuss the situation in France, it was decided to send a petition to Isabella for her return to England. She refused. In France, her brother the King had become annoyed with Isabella's conduct. Isabella left France and went to the court of William II, Count of Hainault who assisted her with preparations to invade England. A promise was made to marry Prince Edward, now Duke of Aquitaine to William's daughter Philippa.[2]

Episode: Isabella, She-Wolf of France and death of Edward II  
1328 Feb 1  Charles IV of France Dies, followed by Philippe VI
 After the death of Charles IV the next rightful claimant to the French throne was not clear-cut as there was no male heir. Isabella, the sister of Charles, had married Edward II and their son Edward III had just taken on the rule of England. Isabella put in a claim for her son but in France the first cousin of Charles was chosen. He was Philippe of Valois the grandson of Philippe III of France.[3]

Episode: Isabella, She-Wolf of France and death of Edward II  

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